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Introducing The #1 Breathable Fitbit Band

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Yes, you read that right. The Groove Life team has heard your desperate plea and granted your request. Fitbit Bands are now available!

Meet the Groove Life Fitbit Band

The Fitbit smartwatch is designed to keep up with your adventurous spirit as you lift, run, and climb, pushing your abilities to the limit! Who could ask for more!

Well… we could.

What you need is a band that will be able to withstand anything you put it through, without giving you a rash, collecting sweat, falling apart, or wearing out!

You need a Groove Fitbit Band.

Designed with activity in mind, our Fitbit band incorporates the Groove Life “air in, moisture out” technology. This allows your skin to breathe and prevents any rashes or stink associated with sweat buildup. Basically, ours is the #1 breathable sport band out there.

fitbit ionic versa band

Hold up… what is Groove Life?

We’re glad you asked! Groove Life is the leading brand for breathable silicone watch bands and rings! We create silicone gear for those who really need it: the adventurers, electricians, full-time moms, surgeons, bodybuilders, and athletes! Basically, we make rings and watch bands for anyone who wants to be able to wear their wedding rings and smartwatches anytime, regardless of the activity. We are passionate about living life to the fullest and proudly displaying our marriage vows at the same time… no rashes or smell allowed.

For more information on our mission and values, click here!

fitbit athletic breathable band

Why is ours the best silicone smartwatch band on the market?

We don’t do anything halfway. Our bands are designed for comfort… but that’s only the beginning!

You’ll want to own a Groove Life band because...

It’s breathable

Like we said before, the technology of our “air-in, moisture-out” grooves is pretty close to miraculous. Our bands also include the additional luxury of a comfort arch so your skin can breathe beneath the surface without getting smothered by the full width of the band. You might not even remember you’re wearing a watch at all!

It’s fashionable

Whether you’re looking for camouflage, solids, or even bohemian patterns, we have it in stock. We do our research and offer our customers the trendiest looks. Check out our variety of styles here. Just prepare yourself for a barrage of compliments because everybody’s going to be wondering where you got your sick band!

It’s durable

Our bands are created to last. Your Groove Life Fitbit band will not wear, stretch, stink, or fade. We know how annoying it can be to spend money on an accessory you love and have it break way too soon. That won’t happen with our gear. We know what you’re thinking… “But what if it does?”

Let us explain.

air in moisture out breathable watch band

What if my Fitbit band breaks?

You’re covered 100%. We offer a 94-Year No BS Warranty on all of our Groove products. You can lose it, break it, drop it while climbing Everest, and we’ll replace the band, no problem. Read more on our warranty here.

What if I don’t have a Fitbit?

If you don’t have a Fitbit, don’t worry! We also make watch bands for the Apple Watch and are currently working on a band for Samsung as well!

fitbit band

Where can I get one?

Fitbit Bands are now available on our website! You can grab yours HERE and say goodbye to wrist rashes, sweat build-up, and boring bands that just don’t fit your vibe.

Adventure awaits, and with a comfortable smartwatch band on your wrist, you can take it on worry-free.

Keep Groovin’!

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