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Sarah Haskins

Sarah Haskins

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Sarah has been racing as a professional triathlete for 14 years. As a 2008 member of the Olympic Team, Sarah has gone on to earn 46 professional race wins over 14 years of racing, including Pan American Games, World Cups, 70.3 Ironmans, and multiple Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series. 

Sarah enjoys swimming, cycling, and running. She typically trains with her husband and loves working out with family. Sarah can be found going to the park with her kids, playing at the beach, going on walks, and savoring nature.
2008 Olympic Team, Winner of 46 professional wins (including Pan American ) Games , World Cups, 70.3 Ironmans 

"Groove fits my job, my kids, and my life active lifestyle. I never have to worry about my ring getting in the way of what I want to do. Whether I'm cleaning the house, playing with my baby, or working out, Groove fits my lifestyle. My Groove ring allows me to live life to the fullest by enjoying the little moments with kids, and all the big milestones in racing, training, and life!" - Sarah Haskins
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