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Groove Life founder and CEO Peter Goodwin standing by an airplane in Alaska

Born in Alaska. Built in Tennessee.

Groove Life was born in the Alaskan wilderness. Husband, father, and Adventure Guide Peter Goodwin realized his lifestyle demanded gear that could keep up. After selling The General Lodge, a wilderness retreat that he had built with his own hands, and fueled by the desire to design premium, innovative products that were backed by unbelievable customer service, Groove Life was born.

Working in a freezing garage in Port Alsworth, AK, Peter worked relentlessly for six months trying to perfect the original Groove Ring. Having no idea what success this would eventually bring, his only focus was to somehow provide for his growing family.

A move to Tennessee and a few years later, Groove Life now employs over 200 people and produces adventure-inspired outdoor lifestyle product lines.

Core Values

Groove exists to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God.

Gritty Excellence

The constant pursuit of excellence, not perfection, with a ‘get it done - roll up your sleeves - get out the dremel tool - we eat problems for breakfast - we will succeed’ type attitude.

People Loving

Faith is the foundation to love and love is the reason we exist. Love God and love people.

Adventure Ready

Adventure fills the need for uncertainty and danger in a certain and safe world.

Great Times

So many people dread going to work. We want it to be a great time as we are creating the future as we were designed to do!

What We Believe

We believe in building a culture that throws rocks at the status quo and at corporate-minded, impersonal relationships with our customers and with each other.

We believe we can connect with every one of our customers to help them on their journey to greatness.

We believe life is more than money and comfort. Therefore we don’t believe in “cashing out” or “retiring by the lake.” Those thoughts are the enemy.

We believe that if we put our customers first no matter what, they will in turn help make us successful in our mission.

We believe money is simply a tool to accomplish our mission to serve people, inspire adventure, and reflect God.

We believe everyone is created by God for greatness, and we want to play a small part in our customers' journey to it.

We believe we all have a legacy of adventure to live and leave behind.

Who We Are

We are a fun loving, and anti-corporate, adventurous group of misfits who love pushing the limits and questioning the status quo. Our culture is one of freedom, hard work, and fun.

We're somewhat quirky and a little rough around the edges, but we're eager to serve. We're all pretty different, but share a common goal and vision.