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3 Reasons to Leave Your Wedding Ring Home on Vacation

3 Reasons to Leave Your Wedding Ring Home on Vacation

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

While planning that long-awaited summer vacation, that mental to-do list begins to add up and it’s easy to miss the little things! While arranging grocery lists and packing flip flops, don’t forget to consider that one important thing that always slips your mind… the wedding ring dilemma. Do you bring your wedding ring along on vacation or do you leave it behind and hope your ring tan speaks for itself?

It’s a difficult decision to make! There are several big risks to consider seriously before bringing your ring on vacation. Plus, we’ve come up with a third option that is such a fantastic win-win that you’ll probably do a happy dance when you read it… it’s that good!

But first… why should you NOT bring your wedding ring on vacation? Let’s get right to the point.



Whether you’re vacationing to the ocean or taking a quiet retreat in the mountains, bring along your wedding ring and you risk the possibility of damage. Salt water corrodes metal and dulls diamonds so even a chill beach vacation could cause serious problems with your traditional wedding ring.

If you think damage to your ring is bad, get this - your ring could also put your finger at risk! If your metal band happens to snag on anything it could cause serious injury called “ring avulsion.” Don’t google that one… trust us. Just take our word for it and don’t wear your wedding ring on adventures.


Our wedding rings have so much irreplaceable sentimental value but they’re so easy to lose! Your ring could slip off in the ocean or get lost while you’re ziplining in South America. Either way, it’s risky wearing your ring on your vacation adventures! Even if you’re thinking about leaving your ring in your hotel room so it doesn’t get lost, that’s a risk, too! You could end up forgetting it in the room or it could even be stolen. We hate to assume the worst but it happens far too often! If you really want to protect that ring that you cherish, keep it safe at home.

Leave your wedding ring at home on adventures.


So you’re super organized, always lock your ring away in the safe box in your hotel room, and always take it off to keep your finger and ring safe during adventures. Still… the constant ring on, ring off, is a huge hassle and the risk of loss is never out of the question. Plus, the hassle of keeping track of your ring is one more headache you don’t need while you’re supposed to be relaxing on a vacation from stress! Do yourself a favor and remove that one burden from your mind by keeping your ring home where it is guaranteed to be safe.

So… where does all of this leave us? It sounds like the only option is to go on vacation bare-fingered.

Prepare yourself for our exciting and innovative Option 3.


Silicone Rings For Vacation

You don’t have to choose between endangering your symbol of love and leaving it off altogether! With a silicone ring, you can show off your marriage commitment to all the world without risking your finger or your valuable ring!

If you’re really not sure about this silicone ring thing, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’ve heard that silicone rings cause a rash, or maybe you just think they’re boring and ugly. If you were talking about most rings, you’d be right! That’s why we invented the most comfortable, breathable, and trendy silicone ring out there.

Groove Rings are made out of hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone and include breathable grooves with air in, moisture out technology that keeps the skin dry and comfortable. With a whole bunch of patterns, styles, custom designs, and even textures, you can pick the Groove Ring that perfectly fits your unique style!

Ready to see what we’re talking about for yourself? Browse our website here!


Maybe you’re looking at silicone rings because you like to lift weights, hike, and overall just live adventurously? Well then, you’ve got to check out our breathable silicone watch bands and the most comfortable men’s belt in existence, The Groove Belt! We’re a team of Jesus lovin’, people servin’, adventure-seeking folks who love dreaming up gear that makes life better!

Check out our website to see all of our current products and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on what’s in the works!

Keep Groovin’!

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