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5 Helpful Hiking Apps to Download When Hitting the Trail

5 Helpful Hiking Apps to Download When Hitting the Trail

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

Whether you are new to the world of hiking or an old pro, you can always use helpful tools to make your hiking more productive and enjoyable.

 The variety of hiking apps available to you is an amazing thing that can help you to find better trails, match trails to your mood and energy levels, and stay safe while you are out on your hike. 

Here are a few of the best hiking apps that you should download to help make your time on the trail even better.

1. PeakVisor

One of the best things about hiking is discovering new things while you are out on an adventure. 

Being able to identify the mountains and peaks you see while you are out on the trail is a great thing and the PeakVisor app gives you the exact tool you need to make that happen. 

If you’ve ever been out on a trail only to see a cool peak and never be able to figure out what it was, then you know the frustration of hiking without the PeakVisor hiking app. This is one of the best hiking apps to help you identify the trails and peaks you walk by. 

Not only that, but their database of mountains is extensive and available offline, so you can use this app even without cell service, just make sure you download it before hitting the trail.

2. AllTrails

If you are having trouble finding good trails for your needs or you simply want to broaden your hiking horizons, AllTrails may be exactly what you are looking for. 

The AllTrails hiking app makes it possible for you to look at available hikes in a particular area and learn about what they entail for hikers like you. This means you will have access to information on the difficulty and length of hikes as well as other pertinent information. This is also one of the best hiking apps if you are hiking with a dog as it will let you know whether dogs are allowed and what the rules are for hiking with a pup on each particular trail.

3. Hiking Project

Another great option to help you learn about trails is the Hiking Project app. This app will provide you with similar information as AllTrails, but it also includes great photos and descriptions of each hike. 

With the information available to you on Hiking Project, you can map out your course, learn about the elevation of your trail, and prepare for a great hike in advance. Adding this to your collection of hiking apps will help you to plan all your hikes a little more thoroughly and have a great time once you are out on the trail.

4. National Park Service App

For hikers who are looking to experience the great national parks in the US, the National Park Service App is an awesome addition. This app will let you know what each national park has to offer and keep you abreast of the rules and regulations for each park. This is helpful because it can help you to plan the most amazing national parks trip that you could possibly have. 

The National Park Service App will also provide you with interactive information on the various national park sites, and let you know what kinds of amenities and tours they have to offer. Different national parks have different regulations in terms of backpacking and animal rules, so this app can help you to plan your trip accordingly.

5. Cairn

Cairns is an important tool to help hikers stay safe while on the trail, and the Cairn app works to fulfill a similar function. One of the biggest risks that hikers take is the possibility that they might get lost or injured on the trail. 

Cairn works to decrease this risk by helping you to keep your emergency contacts abreast of your location. If you experience an emergency on the trail you can use the Cairn hiking app to help you get the help you need. 

This makes hiking solo a little safer which allows you to have the kinds of adventures you have been looking for. That makes Cairn one of the most important hiking apps that you can have in your collection.

Finding the best trails and staying safe while you are out on a hike can be challenging on your own. But these hiking apps can help you to figure out the best hikes for you and make sure that you have help in case of an emergency. 

All together that puts you in an amazing position to enjoy great hiking wherever you are in the world. There’s never been a better time to head out on your next hiking adventure with the help of a great hiking app.

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