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7 Adventures To Take On This Spring

7 Adventures To Take On This Spring

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Here at Groove, we’re firm believers in the importance of adventure. Yes, we said importance, because adventure is more than just an opportunity for adrenaline junkies to do something crazy. It’s essential to our makeup as humans!

We know, we know… it seems like this isn’t a “prime time” for adventure. Aren’t we all supposed to just go to work and go home?

No. Nope. Absolutely not. This is a GREAT time for adventure! Arguably the best time in history! (Okay, maybe that’s a little extreme, but you get the point).

Imagine yourself at the top of a mountain, looking out over the expanse of the Rocky Mountains and breathing in the clean less polluted air that’s just a little closer to the skies. What do you notice? It’s free. It’s socially distanced. It’s life-giving. And we need those three things more than just about anything else.

So… what do you say? Are you ready for an adventure!?

Biking Adventures 2021


We realize that it’s close to impossible to create a one-size-fits-all list of adventures, so we’re creating a list that is sure to have at least one option for everybody, starting with you! Whether you’re that adrenaline junkie we named earlier or maybe an adventurer in training, you’ll find an experience that is suited to you! Or, if you’d rather watch other people adventuring, check out our Project Adventure series, now streaming on Amazon Prime!

Run a local hiking trail.


No matter where you live, there’s got to be some kind of park or trail to explore if you know where to look! Download the AllTrails app or do a quick web search and see what you can come up with! Even if you don’t find a trail you love, you’re still getting out of the house and exploring a new place and that’s a win in our book! Do that enough times and adventure will find YOU!


The kiddos will love this one! All you have to do is create a list - or find a list like this one on the internet - and head out! You can customize your list to fit your mood! If you’re living in the mountains, add “breathtaking view” to your list. If you’re in the midwest, look for daisies! Make it your own and make it fun. Celebrate your findings over a glass of lemonade. You just created a moment.

Take a Road Trip


The mountains, er... memories, are calling and you must go! Throw some clothes in a bag, close your eyes, and poke a map of your state. Wherever your finger lands, go there! If you don’t like your destination, pick one that sounds fun! All you need for this adventure is a little spontaneity.


This adventure doesn’t require you to leave your house! All you need is a little patch of soil, even if it is in a window box at your apartment, and some seeds! You can plant vegetables, herbs, or just some flowers! We’re calling this one an adventure because it’s unpredictable, it’s profitable, and… well, this is our article so we can do whatever we want!

Go Fishing


“You get a line and I’ll get a pole, we’ll go fishin’ in the crawdad hole.” Take it on back to Andy Griffith days and spend a day fishing! You don’t even have to catch anything to make this an adventure. Ott Defoe shared in an interview that some of the best fishing is in a little local pond! Grab yourself a line and a pole, pack some sandwiches, and try out a local body of water. This adventure is almost too easy to be true.

Explore a National Park


Local hiking trails are pretty but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve explored a national park. From the Everglades in Florida to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, the adventures you can experience in national parks are endless! The best part is, they’re everywhere so there’s probably a park to explore near you! Whether you stroll through a trail or reserve a pass and hike in to camp, you’ll make memories that you’ll never forget. Just be sure to check the website of that national park and follow all of the guidelines so we can continue to protect these areas for centuries to come.

Check an item off of your bucket list.


This one is a little outside-the-box but bear with us. Stop scrolling wherever you are, close your eyes, and remember what you used to dream of as a kid. What did you see yourself doing when you were “grown up?” Did you imagine eating ice cream for breakfast? Or maybe putting up a tent in the living room and pulling an all-nighter, watching The Lord of the Rings extended editions on DVD (where are our Millennials at)? Whatever it is, DO IT! Make one of your childhood dreams come true and cross it off your bucket list! You can live your dream right now, and it doesn’t have to cost you a thing.

Watch bands and rings for adventurers.


We believe in dreaming big and adventuring like crazy. After all, Groove Life started as a dream itself… a dream to create a silicone ring that anyone could wear at any time. A ring that could keep up with the starry-eyed visionaries, the hands-on workforce, the athletes and hunters and difference-makers. If you’d like to get your hands on one of our groundbreaking Groove Rings, Watch Bands, or The Groove Belt that snaps with just one hand, check out our website!

Now get out there and start adventuring! The world is waiting and all YOU have to do is take the first step!

Keep Groovin’!


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