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A Different Kind of Adventure

A Different Kind of Adventure

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

What’s the craziest adventure on your bucket list?

We’ll take a wild guess. It’s probably something like “go skydiving” or “swim with sharks!” We get it - those were on our list too until we filmed them in Project Adventure!

One of our three goals as a company is to Inspire Adventure.  If you’ve been following us on Instagram, YouTube, or the blog, you’ve seen this in action!

Our other goals at Groove Life are to Serve People and Reflect God. In our latest Project Adventure video, we put a different twist on the word “adventure.” We decided to take you with us as we introduce our team to a whole new type of trip.

We teamed up with Thompson Station Church and took a trip to Nicaragua. We rolled up our sleeves and got something done to help some folks working hard to provide better lives for their families.



Why Nicaragua?

Chosen Children Ministries is 100% focused on making a difference in Nicaragua through mission trips, child sponsorships, church planting, and humanitarian and medical care.

We heard that they needed a team of people to come and help build a church, build a home, and host some weddings (yes, you read that right.) So we sent seven Groove Life employees and answered the call.

Project Adventure: Nicaragua

Why marriage is a luxury in Nicaragua.

You may be wondering what weddings and mission trips have to do with Groove Life. Well, here’s the answer.

It started when Brent Jones from Thompson Station Church reached out to us. Brent had noticed that many people he worked with in Nicaragua didn’t wear wedding rings. After digging a little deeper, Brent discovered that the price of a civil marriage was too steep for many couples. $40 may not seem expensive to the typical American family, but these families were struggling to have enough money to eat, let alone to pay for a civil marriage. His heart was broken for these couples, so he asked if we could help.

While we were in Nicaragua, we had the honor of conducting four marriages for local couples and providing them with Groove rings! It was such an honor to celebrate with these people as they committed their lives to each other. It was super rewarding to see them exchange Groove rings to represent the most important relationship in their lives.

Chosen Children Ministries

Other ways to serve.

We didn’t just hand out rings and marriage licenses while we were in Nicaragua! We laid the floor and added a roof to a brand new church! We also helped build a house, served meals, and led several worship services. It was an impactful experience, serving and working alongside incredible people at Chosen Children Ministries and in the barrios of Nicaragua. We also were able to meet many of the wonderful children whose education and care is sponsored through this ministry. You can sponsor a child through Chosen Children Ministries here!

Project Adventure: Nicaragua

What you can do.

While we enjoyed working alongside the local community and building a church and home, we know that there’s much left to be done.

We encourage YOU to serve the people of Nicaragua! If you are able to join a mission trip or service trip, DO IT. It will awaken your heart to the world of needs that exists outside of what we see every day. Even if you can’t go in person, you can support those who do! Chosen Children Ministries is an organization that we trust and support. You can donate to their ministry right on their website, or sponsor a child there as well!

We hope you can join us in supporting people all over the world! Adventure isn’t always thrills and adrenaline… sometimes it is simply going the extra mile to serve someone. And that kind of adventure doesn’t end when the sun goes down. We can serve and give right where we are.

Keep Groovin’!


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