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Aspire Collection | Bohemian Patterns: Unique Wedding Rings

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Please note the Aspire Collection includes limited edition styles. New designs are released regularly, while others are discontinued. Check out the collection page to see which designs we currently offer! Find your unique wedding ring at Groove!

I sat down with George, Groove's Creative Director and designer of our newest Collection, Aspire. Join us for an interview with George, as he shares the stylish inspiration and personal details behind our Aspire Collection | Women's Bohemian Patterned Unique Wedding Rings. 

unique wedding rings

unique wedding ring

Q: George, tell us your vision behind the Aspire Collection. 

A: For the Aspire collection, I wanted to bring something completely new and fresh to Groove. Something unprecedented and unlike anything else. My goal was to design curated patterns and elements pulled from current trends to create rings that tie in both women's style and individuality. One of the most exciting things about the Aspire Collection is that we are able to design regularly and reflect new trends and seasons.

Bohemian patterns are the first of Aspire's Women Collection, pioneering a new trend in designer silicone women's rings. Groove's limited edition Bohemian patterns are inspired by nature and on-trend fashion details. 

Bohemian line features:

Breeze, our woodland-inspired fern design pattern

Rise, ice cap mountain peak-inspired pattern

Create, cloud-inspired pattern

Soar, feather-inspired design pattern

Bloom, hibiscus-inspired design pattern

unique wedding rings

Q: What were you considering from a design standpoint when creating Breeze?

A: I was very mindful of designing our Kryptek and Mossy Oak Camo rings at the time. I started looking at trend forecasting and noticed Camo was hot. I began searching for fabric patterns referenced for Camo. Once I got past traditional Camo, I noticed subtle Camo designs with nature elements like leaves and trees. I stumbled across a fern pattern designed for dresses and was drawn to how feminine and simultaneously abstract it is. I adapted these elements to create a bohemian Groove version emoting nature with an elegant twist. 


Womens Bohemian Silicone Wedding Ring Breeze Maroon

For the Maroon Breeze design, I found myself attracted to the cool texture, as it reminds me of a cool ink stamp pad; similar to a leaf element and stamp pad. I lived in Canada as a kid and visited many of the northwestern states; CA, Rockies, the Forest. This Breeze design conjures up memories of hiking through the forest as a kid. 

unique women's wedding ring

Q: What inspired Rise, the mountain ice peak, design?

AI was thinking of our company's background in Alaska, specifically the icy, snow peaks. In a previous role, I designed women's headband accessories featuring mountain scapes. For our Groove Bohemian Line, I found photos of arctic ice caps, and after scaling the design down for a ring, Rise took on a marbleized aesthetic. In shrinking the design, the ice cap vision turned into a rock quartz, marble-like appeal, embracing the details of majestic mountain peak.  

unique wedding rings

Q: What music were you listening to when you designed Create?

A: I recently started listening to Coldplay's record, Ghost Stories. The whole record is bright and airy. I wanted something glowy and vivid as I considered natural elements and found myself drawn to the texture of clouds and sunset colors. I wanted a slight watercolor texture feel to it. Create Magenta emotes the warmth of the clouds going over a sunset, bursting with pink and purple shapes and hues.

unique wedding bands

Create Plum is a variant of the same cloud-inspired design, with a subtle shift as the pinks and purples are desaturated to bring the grey/blue/purple spectrum to the forefront. Create Plum is stunning because it takes on more of a storm cloud look and feel. 

unique wedding bands

Q: Tell us about the vision behind Soar, Bohemian's feather design.

A: Soar's design came from observing on-trend feathers and noting that there is something beautiful about the design of the feather; the way God created birds and flight, in general, defies the odds. Birds and flight spark the science nerd in me. The feathers are a great representation of that and inspired beautiful elements and patterns for our rings. I wanted a muted grey scale feather pattern and a bright popping color and teal stuck.

unique women's wedding ring

Q: Drink of choice while designing Soar?

A: Founders All Day IPA. 


Womens Bohemian Silicone Wedding Ring Bloom


Bloom (hibiscus)

I saw a lot of floral print trends and wanted a stark black and white contrast design. When I stumbled across a great hibiscus element, I knew this would be our next pattern in the Bohemian pattern. Look how cool it is wrapped around a finger! I love contrast in design and I love that a flower is typically very soft in whites, pinks, and pastel hues, and then turning that into a stark contrast of soft and tough.

Q: What creative space were you in while designing Bloom?

A: I was ultra-focused while listening to death metal.


unique women's wedding ring

Q: What do you want women to experience when wearing the Aspire Collection, Bohemian patterns?

A: I want her to feel inspired to live life as herself and know that she is her own person and to relish in who she is. I want her to be an individual and one-of-a-kind. 

unique women's wedding ringsQ: Final words, George? 

A: This is an exciting new step for our company and we are honored to pioneer designs to the world and are eager to continue adding to the Aspire Collection. Each pattern will be a limited edition before launching launch new designs. If you like what you see, get a Bohemian patterned ring while we have them. 

 Shop the Aspire Collection: Bohemian Patterns HERE!

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