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Best Everyday Carry Gadgets

Best Everyday Carry Gadgets

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

Everyone has a list of things they don’t leave the house without, also known as an everyday carry (EDC) list. For some people, that list is really short and simple: phone, keys, wallet. Still, if you want to make sure you have everything you need, you may want to think about expanding that list a little. Even a list that short can benefit from a few upgrades from time to time.


Knives are an everyday carry staple. There are a ton of really great knives out there that can serve the purpose of being an EDC item. When it comes to a good EDC knife, you want something that offers utility. It should be user friendly, super sturdy, sharp, and, most importantly, functional. Benchmade, Zero Tolerance, and Spyderco are a few brands that make excellent EDC knives.


Sure, you could technically lug your toolbox everywhere with you, but do you really need to or even want to? Probably not. That’s why multitools are a thing. Letherman makes an excellent multitool, the Wave, which has over 18 functions. There’s always the classic Swiss Army Knife too. For something more compact, there are EDC multitool cards that are about the same size as a credit card.


While there has been movement towards having things like driver's licenses being digital and payment processing systems like Google Pay and Samsung Pay that would cause a wallet to essentially become obsolete, we aren’t there yet. Whether you’re carrying cards, cash, or both, the vast majority of us still need to have a way to carry things like credit and debit cards, a driver’s license, cash, and other important cards with us. 

There are a lot of different wallet designs out there. Some are thick and bulky and some are sleek and compact (arguably too compact in some cases). Innovative wallets sometimes impress, but more often don’t. Soon, however, your EDC wallet woes will be washed away thanks to our Groove Wallet that will soon be making its debut. Sleek, low profile, RFID blocking, and capable of both securely holding and providing easy access to up to six cards, this is one everyday carry gadget you’re definitely going to want to check out.


If you have smart locks on your home and a Tesla that you can unlock with an app, you might not think you need a keychain. Maybe you don’t. Keychains can hold more than just keys though, making them a great way to keep track of all sorts of everyday carry gadgets. Trust us, you’ll love having a quality keychain that you can use to keep your other favorite gadgets close to hand. You can go for something with a more singular use, like a key organizer, or something that can hold all sorts of things like a titanium keyring or carabiner. Then there’s the Craighill Wilson Keyring. It’s hard to get more simple than that.


The prevalence of electricity in our world today means that we’re constantly out and about well after the sun’s gone down. That can lead to all sorts of situations where a flashlight can come in handy. Sure, most of us have one on our phones, but it’s hard to beat an actual flashlight for maneuverability and brightness. Whether you want a small keychain flashlight like the Prometheus Lights Beta magnetic flashlight, a tactical flashlight like the Olight Warrior Pro X tactical flashlight, or a multipurpose flashlight like the HaloXT Tactical Solar flashlight, there are a lot of good options out there.


It’s easy to think that if you need to record something you could just use your phone. But what if your phone runs out of battery? Or what if you need to sign something? Having a pen handy is always a good idea. The Fisher Space Pen Bullet is so awesome that it’s made its way into the MoMA. Not every pen can say that. Of course, not every pen can write upside down, underwater, or in zero gravity either.

Phone Case

Our smartphones go with us everywhere. It naturally follows that you need to have a case to protect it. Of course, phone cases these days don’t just protect your phone. A lot of them act as wallets too, which means you could theoretically kill two birds with one stone with one everyday carry gadget.

No one wants to get caught out of the house without something they need. That’s where your everyday carry gadgets come in. There are just some situations where you can’t do without things like a knife that’s on point, or a flashlight that’s nothing short of brilliant in its design (puns intended). Better still, since everyday carry gadgets tend to be pretty compact in size, they can make excellent gifts and stocking stuffers. Get a head start on Christmas shopping this year by giving the gift of preparedness to your loved ones with some of the best everyday carry gadgets out there.

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