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Best Water Resistant Smart Watch for the Active Lifestyle

Best Water Resistant Smart Watch for the Active Lifestyle

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

The decision of which smart watch to buy is more important than you might think! Due to all the options flooding the internet like a gigantic supermarket, sometimes even a small decision can be paralyzing! Today we are going to make your decision easier by highlighting three of the best water resistant smart watches on the market for the Groove lifestyle.

But first, why should you buy a smart watch that is water resistant?

  • It’s foolproof. That means when you are rushing to work with a full cup of coffee clutched in your hand and slam into someone who is rushing in the opposite direction, your $500 coffee-splashed watch won’t break!

  • It’s adventure-proof. When you are halfway through a record-speed marathon and rain starts to pour, you can lift your hands and face to the sky for some refreshment without worrying about your smart watch.
Some of these watches listed below are even durable enough to take swimming, but make sure you check the recommended water depth before trying it out!

Smart watches can make your life so much easier, and offer a wide range of possible features, from texting capability to music streaming and, a little more our style, fitness tracking for your "Groovy" lifestyle!

Now, let’s meet those watches that are about to change your active lifestyle experience.

1. Garmin Vivoactive 3 Smartwatch

For years, Garmin has been a leading brand for the best route-tracking technology in a GPS and now they have a watch to match! The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is approved water resistant for swimming and showers and has many other crazy features including “pay your way” from your watch. It also includes countless apps so you can customize your watch to fit your interests.




2. Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

Fitbit includes so much for your money! For under $200 the Fitbit tracks yourbest smart watch water-resistant sleep, heart rate, any activity you choose, AND it can store 300+ songs to make your activities extra fun! This watch can connect to Bluetooth headphones and features a 4-day battery life.

3. Apple Watch Series 4

water-resistant active watchThe Apple Watch Series 4 is the kind of quality you can expect from the creators of the iPhone. This watch includes fitness tracking, quick response to texts and calls, Bluetooth headphone connection ability, and heart rate tracking! Plus, this watch is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Now you’re all set to pick out the watch that fits your goals best! Before you make a decision, though, do yourself a favor and invest in a band that matches the quality of the watch you buy.

Garmin, Fitbit and Apple watches are all fantastic options for adventure, but they are missing one essential element: They don’t include a high quality, breathable watch band. When you are in the middle of a good workout, the last thing you need is a sweaty, sticky, irritated patch on your arm from using the wrong watch band. Trust us… it happens.

Groove + Life designed a watch band to fit (pun intended) all of your athletic requirements and your favorite smart watch! Our (waterproof) silicone watch band is light and flexible, designed with a comfort arch to reduce contact with your skin, and “air in, moisture out” grooves to keep your watch dry and skin breathing! Plus, it is a high quality watch band that will be able to withstand the craziest adventures your watch can handle, from mountain waterfall explorations to shark diving!

And BTW, if you need to know how to change your apple watch band, we've got an article just for you

Which water resistant watch will you choose? Bonus points if you can guess which watch our founder Peter Goodwin would use! ;)

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