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Camping and the Great Outdoors

Camping and the Great Outdoors

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

We built Groove Life® for people who love outdoor adventure.

Heck, our motto is ready for adventure.

Still, many folks just haven’t had the time to really embrace an outdoor lifestyle. We get it. We all have jobs and families and tons of daily things to do.

Sometimes you just don’t know where to start.

That’s why we put together a series of blogs on camping. A few friendly tips to kickstart your thinking and get you one step closer to setting up your tent. 

Because if you’re going on an adventure, you’ll need to know the best way to camp.

We begin with 4 encouraging tips for first-time campers:

Increase in Popularity

Did you know the state of Tennessee (alone) saw a 52% increase in camping reservations from 2015 to 2020? According to recreation.gov, it's true.

People want to get outside.

And when you add in all the Covid restrictions we’ve all been through, going camping looks like a great way to escape. So knowing how to prepare, what to bring, where to go, are all important components of a memorable camping adventure.

Statista.com reports, “In 2020, the number of participants…in camping amounted to approximately 47.94 million. ”That’s the highest number of campers ever recorded in the USA. 2009 came close with 46 million reported campers.

Travel & Leisure agrees with the increase in popularity in camping. “This rapid growth in the outdoor travel segment is also fueled by a far more diverse group of people than ever before.”

The reason for the growth? "New campers, in general, see camping as an easy, affordable way to spend quality time with their family and friends.” (Travel & Leisure).

Human beings were made for the outdoors.

Wide Open Spaces

Did you know a large portion of North America remains unpopulated?

What do we mean by that?

Well, even though we all live in cities and small towns and drive on long highway systems that connect us from coast to coast, there are still great swaths of land we rarely see or visit.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, there are over 4 million square miles of land that remain wild and free.

The Census Bureau measures land mass in blocks. As a whole, the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska) has 11,078,300 census blocks.

4.8 million of them reported zero population. Zero.

As a percentage of land mass, that means America, including Alaska, is 43% unoccupied.

Nearly half of the USA is still wild.

Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to drive across Texas? Have you flown over Wyoming on a sunny day? Have you seen Northern Minnesota? (I didn’t think so.)

And we haven’t even looked at all the wide open spaces in Canada.

So, even though we all feel crowded in our urban sprawl, there are still plenty of beautiful, wide open spaces available for camping.

“But where do I start?” you say. Good question.

To stir your imagination a little more, we put together a quick list of where to find free places to camp.

The Physical Benefits of Camping

Listen, when you go camping you will certainly get your physical exercise. Living in the woods for a few weeks is hard work.

With all the tent building, spear fishing, wood chopping, and muskrat trapping, you’re sure to get your blood pumping.

Breathing in that early morning fresh air as you greet the critters along the trail, you’ll begin to feel like a regular Grizzly Adams.

Don’t forget the water. Rivers and streams offer more than great fishing opportunities. Depending on where you camp, you could find a great spot for kayaking, canoeing, or even floating on an inner tube down a lazy river.

Check out our blog on choosing the right gear for kayaking.

If you end up camping by a crystal clear lake, you are in for a whole new set of fun. Bring your fishing pole and you may catch your dinner before noon.

You may even find the perfect place by the lake to take your next Christmas card picture. Like jumping off that 30 foot cliff while making a crazy face for the camera. You’ll be using muscles you didn’t know you had while preparing for the holidays at the same time!

Bottom line, if your goal is to transform your body into Tom Hanks’ physique at the end of Cast Away, you might want to look into a camping trip. Like Tom, (Chuck Noland) you’ll be a whole new person by the time you re-enter polite society. Just be sure to comb your hair.

The Psychological Benefits of Camping

In addition to the physical benefits, there are many Psychological benefits of being outdoors.

Slow down. Life in the 21st Century moves fast. We all expect instant gratification, instant access, instant responses and it can overwhelm us if we are not careful.

Camping in a beautiful National State Park like Yosemite will help you slow down and enjoy the natural rhythms of nature.

Be sure to read our blog on "Camping in America’s National Parks."

Reduce stress. Going camping can reduce common feelings of stress by removing you from all the things that remind you of your responsibilities. Set them aside for a few days and enjoy the simplicity of nature by camping outdoors.

No screens. Most working Americans and students spend their days staring at computer screens, phone screens, or television screens. Getting outdoors will force you to look up and take in the beauty of God’s creation. 

Improved cognition. Getting away for a few days will make you feel refreshed when you head back to the daily grind.

With good news like that in your back pocket, you’re probably ready to start packing.

Perfect timing. We put together a brief list of basic items you might want to pack for your next camping trip.

Check it out. 

Different Types of Camping

According to KOA’s website, “New campers are being driven to the camping lifestyle by a proliferation of new types of camping.”

What in the world does that mean? Doesn’t everyone use a tent like Chris Pratt on Parks & Rec? No. No, not at all. 

Ever heard of glamping? Some folks like to take their home with them (when they're away from home).

Or, for the more rustic historians out there, imagine sleeping in a Civil War tent in your union uniform next to your musket.

Here is a short list of examples. 

Camping in the USA 

The truth is, there are a multitude of beautiful camping spots, yet some are simply more striking than others.

From coast to coast, America is filled with stunning locations for campers.

Maine is a forested wonderland set against the wild, rocky coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Imagine enjoying your morning coffee while watching the waves crash against the rocks.

Big Bend, Texas, is the polar opposite. Warm year round, Big Bend is till a camper’s paradise, offering miles and miles of colorful, dry, rugged terrain. Bring your horses and experience the hot summer sun beating on your neck as you ride horseback through the steep canyons beside limestone cliffs.

Heading north to Colorado, campers are surrounded by a multitude of 14ers (14,000 feet), mountains so tall and impressive they will take your breath away. (Mostly because of the altitude). A skier's paradise, Colorado is also gorgeous in the summertime, perfect for campers looking for a stunning view.

We took a hard look at all the National Parks you should visit, and came up with a short list of the top five in the western United States.

Why take a Groove Ring® camping?

A silicone Groove Ring® is the perfect companion for outdoor adventure. Why?

Let me paint a picture for you.

You’re leaning over the railing at the Grand Canyon to get the perfect shot and, as you head back to your campsite, you realize your diamond ring is gone. 

Or, you go for a swim in the lake with grandma’s sapphire heirloom only to emerge with granny fingers and no ring. Call the search party.

We just don’t want you to return home saying, “That dingo stole my ring.”

There is a better way, people.

When you go camping, leave the irreplaceable wedding ring at home and grab a ring built for the outdoors, grab a Groove Ring®. We designed the Groove Ring to be durable and flexible at the same time.

Keep in mind, Groove Life is also home to lots of other outdoor gear, like the Groove Belt, Groove Watch Bands, AirPods Cases, and more.

You’ll find them HERE.

The Best Warranty for Campers

If you lose it, we replace it. Simple.

When you wear a Groove Ring while camping, you are covered by the best warranty in the business.

If your finger gets in a jam, let the ring go and keep the finger. And if you lose it in the lake, no worries, just text our customer experience team and we’ll get you a free replacement.

And the irreplaceable sapphire heirloom? Thankfully, that will still be intact, tucked away at home.

If your Groove Life product breaks, rips, gets lost or eaten by a fish, our awesome customer experience team will get you taken care of. No BS!

Groove Life was born out of the need for premium, innovative, outdoor lifestyle products that will keep up with you whether at work, in the gym, or in the wilderness.

Born in Alaska, built in Tennessee.

Groove Life®. Ready for adventure™.

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