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Celebrating Graduates

Celebrating Graduates

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

The graduating class of 2020 are a resilient bunch. As many graduations were postponed or even canceled, it could be easy to feel discouraged.

Even right smack in the middle of a pandemic uproar, there are a whole lot of ways we can step up and celebrate seniors. Instead of swapping out caps, gowns, and a cheering audience for masks and solitude, let’s give the graduating class of 2020 a graduation celebration to remember!

So today, we’re giving you a few ideas to make your senior feel extra celebrated, even in the midst of the whacked up current situation.

If you’ve already planned the coolest party a grad could wish for and want to skip straight to the gift idea, click here.

Graduation Gifts for Graduating Seniors

Check out all of the local deals for grads

While throwing a huge party next weekend might not be on the possibility list, free donuts are up for grabs! Krispy Kreme is giving away a free “graduate dozen” to 2020 seniors who show off “Class of 2020” swag!

Take graduation photos to a whole new level

Add some humor to your senior’s graduation photoshoot this year by capturing the social distancing graduation in style! Whether you feature a makeshift mask or a line-up of friends six feet apart, capture the unique version of your experience in a few home graduation photos. After all… you’ll be telling this story for years to come, and it wouldn’t hurt to have photo-proof.

Give a graduation gift to remember

While a class ring is a hard-earned and meaningful gift, it’s pretty darn impractical. Here’s our suggestion: pair or replace that class ring with a silicone ring. They’re trendy, comfortable, customizable, and come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty. Whether your kid or friend is into camo, solids, bohemian patterns, or tiger stripes, we’ve got it. You can browse our options here or click here to see customization options!  We have custom options ranging from sports team logos to personalized text or even monograms.

If your graduating senior is more of the tech type, check out our watch bands for Apple, Samsung, and Fitbit!

Dress for success - what to wear for home graduation

When the actual graduation day arrives, make it the real deal. Many men and women have dreamed of graduating in their favorite crazy leggings, camo from head to toe, or sweatpants. Why not throw on a prom dress, or grab an Iron Man costume? This is THE DAY. Make it unique. Let your clothes tell the world that you won’t let these times get you down and rob graduating seniors of a well-deserved celebration.

Create a victory playlist

Whether your grad friend picks up your diploma to Pomp and Circumstance or celebrates to The Git Up is totally up to them. Create a victory playlist for graduation day that keeps spirits high. Music can do a lot for your mood, and this is a day to celebrate.

Party like it’s spring again

When social distancing is a distant memory and everyone is able to return to normal functions again, throw a graduation party! Get all of the graduating senior’s best friends together, reenact the graduation, and have a dance party in celebration! You could even serve punch and stale cookies if you want to make sure it’s authentic. Just because you can’t celebrate now does not mean it will be too late later. If the world can bump the Summer Olympics back a bit, a delayed graduation party can definitely happen.

Graduating Class of 2020

A word of encouragement

Graduation quotes can go a long way, and this one is perfectly timed to our current situation.

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe.” —Anatole France

You may not be able to act on your graduation in the way you expected this year, but your dreams and beliefs are still within your grasp! Today is only a short moment in your life, but the coming years will hold many exciting opportunities. We are so regretful with you that you cannot walk down triumphantly in cap and gown, but we encourage you that you can LIVE triumphantly every day after.

You are not defined by your graduation, your diploma, or your GPA. You are defined by who you are and no amount of roadblocks can keep you from the adventure that lies ahead.

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” --Dr. Seuss

To graduates: we wish you the best as you head onto the adventure of your future dreams. Even though this day was far from what was expected, we hope that it only marks the beginning of a wild, exciting journey of life that is all you hope for and more!

Congratulations, from all of us at Groove Life. 

Keep Groovin’!

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