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Choosing Your Ultimate Groove Life Collection

Choosing Your Ultimate Groove Life Collection

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Here at Groove Life, we’ve made it easier than ever to get your hands on the accessories that best fit your style and personality, so you’ll always be set for your next adventure.

Here’s a look at the most popular Groove Collections. 

The Adventurous Mom

This collection is for the mom who's always looking for their next thrill. After all, we still need to make time for play, a sense of discovery, and a sense of wonder. Whether you're a mom who's set on climbing Mt. Everest, ​​planning an adrenaline-pumping skydive, or going on your weekend hike, you'll need to have the right accessories to go with your adventurous attitude. 

To the moms that give everything for everyone else, you deserve a little (or a lot) of recognition. That's why we think you'll love our bright, solid rings. They're classy, straightforward, and stylish. Or, you may even like a watch band to help you tell time while you're out conquering the world. If you like to venture off into the wild without sacrificing style, check out our leopard print ring or watch band.

The Hunting Mom

This collection is for you if you prefer camo over a pair of high heels. As an experienced hunter, you know that getting that prized trophy kill requires the proper tools like boots, guns, and scope. But don't forget about the accessories.

Our camo rings and watch bands are the perfect way to sneak camo into any outfit while you're on the hunt. You might love the Realtree EDGE™ Pink Thin rings, the first camo ring pattern that allows you to blend into your hunting environment at close range, with natural elements arranged to disrupt the human form at a distance.


To complete your look, check out our Realtree EDGE™ Breathable Watch Band. Injection-molded, 316 stainless buckle, and lugs give you that extra security so that everything is locked in place and you can focus on getting the job done.

The Active Dad

Are you a dad who is always on the go? Whether you're gearing up for a fishing trip, heading to your 9-5 job, or simply rounding up the kids for bedtime, this collection is for you.   

Take your pick between a variety of slick, medical-grade silicone rings. Our popular Zeus ring in midnight black is for the man who pushes it to the limit. It’s the perfect choice for your active lifestyle.

And if you have trouble getting home for dinner in time, you'll need one of our eye-catching watch bands with various designs. Whether you prefer slick leather or hipster imitation wood, we've got the look right here. Check it out here!

The Hunting Dad

As an avid hunter, you need the right accessories to feel confident during your hunt. This collection is loaded with camo rings, watch bands, and belts that are the best addition for those daring days in the wild.

The Groove Ring is the perfect combination of strength, form, and durability. It's designed to withstand the wear and tear of the craziest adventures while still breaking away to protect the finger if snagged. Now you no longer have to leave your wedding ring at home.

Need to hold up your pants without the annoyance of leather digging into your stomach? We've got you covered with the Groove Belt™. This belt buckles with just one hand and includes the perfect amount of stretch. 

The Movie Buff

For our fellow movie buffs, we've got accessories that are truly out of this world. Here at Groove Life, we took inspiration from our favorite superheroes and designed the ultimate rings and belts for the most brave among us. Just choose your favorite hero. We've got Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash - to name a few. Check out our Marvel accessories here and our DC accessories here.

The Die-Hard NFL Fan

Calling all die-hard football fans! This collection is perfect for the tried-and-true fan who loves showing their support. So dress up your team spirit by adding an original Groove Ring to your collection. It's a unique way to prove you're the biggest team supporter.


To complete your Groove Life accessories collection, you'll need to get your hands on the Groove Wallet. Known as "the last wallet you'll ever need," the Groove Wallet is tough and durable as you are. In fact, it's made with aerospace-grade material to last a lifetime and block RFID transmission. 

There's more Groove Life where that came from. Check out all of our collections, and feel free to mix and match! 

Groove Life.® Ready for Adventure™.

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