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Are Silicone Rings Safe for the Environment?

Are Silicone Rings Safe for the Environment?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

In a world of fast food, plastic wrap, and disposable everything, trash is starting to pile up. We’ve all seen the horrifying videos of dead sea turtles with stomachs full of plastic waste, and disgusting images of trash heaps littering this beautiful world.

It’s one thing to see it. It’s another to take action.

Here at Groove Life, we take our job as caretakers of the earth seriously. We love going on adventures in the mountains and we are completely in awe of the beautiful creatures that live in the seas. We love the earth we live in and consider it our job to make sure it is treated with the respect and care that it needs to thrive.

That is why, when creating Groove Life products, it was important to us to design them with a material that is good for the environment as well as for the people who would wear them.

All of our Groove rings and watch bands are created from 100% medical grade silicone. You might be thinking that silicone and plastic are the same but they are actually very different! Silicone is made from silica which is a natural ingredient found in sand, while plastic is filled with hazardous chemicals that can be destructive to all forms of living organisms.

So, why silicone?

First, unlike plastic, silicone is actually good for the earth because it is ocean-safe! It is durable, (bonus for the wearer) and it resists oxidative deterioration which basically means it isn’t biodegradable. This is actually a positive thing! Plastics quickly break down and their harmful, estrogen-like chemicals are released into the oceans! Plus, the fluttering fragments of plastic appear as food for many sea creatures but their consumption often ends in the death of the animal.

Silicone is not a toxic material for animals that live in the ocean or for soil organisms, and it is not dangerous. It doesn’t break down in the ocean and it is recyclable, dissolving into harmless, non-hazardous materials when burned.

Unlike plastic, silicone is also safe for humans because it does not emit dangerous chemicals. It can withstand a variety of temperatures without cracking, melting or breaking down!

What about traditional rings?

You may think that traditional rings are “earth friendly” but there can be a darker side to the brilliant diamonds and shining metal of the rings we are so accustomed to. The mining of precious metals and gems can actually be environmentally destructive.

In what is considered a “rich” mine, there could be a few tenths of an ounce of gold in a whole TON of ore! Not to mention, diamond mines often operate with a disregard for the indigenous peoples and humane practices. Groove Rings are created with a heart for others and made to be reusable and recyclable. When you are finished with your ring or upgrade to a new style, send your ring back to us! Groove Life donates all gently-used products to those in need so the rings can live on.

Do yourself and the environment a favor, and invest in a Groove ring. You will never regret the choice to use a product that will help care for this beautiful earth. After all, the earth is like your marriage… treat it with care and cultivate it every day and with every decision. A joyful relationship and thriving earth are both worth the time and effort it takes to keep them strong and healthy.

Are you ready to care for the environment, even down to the ring you wear? Join hands with us and get in the groove of caring for the earth, one small choice at a time.

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