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Feel Good Coronavirus Stories

Feel Good Coronavirus Stories

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Need Some Good News During The Coronavirus? Here Are Some Feel-Good Stories To Brighten Your Day!

COVID-19 has created havoc not only across the world, but right in our own communities. An incredible amount of people have been quarantined for the time being with little to no income. Most of us are searching for coronavirus updates each time we open our phones, wondering what is coming next and how we will get through this. During these trying times when nature almost seems to demand a spirit of “every man for himself” it is incredibly uplifting to watch neighbor take care of neighbor. If you’re needing a little light right now, here are some feel-good stories to help give you hope during this pandemic, and inspire you to get involved, too!!

Apple to Donate Millions of Face Masks 

Apple has taken a look internally to see what they can do about the spread of COVID-19. Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that as of now, 9 million N95 Face masks are to be donated from Apples store houses to health care facilities and to the national stockpile. Read more here.

Tesla buys Ventilators and gives them to the U.S.

Tesla buys and donates 1,000 FDA approved ventilators to California in order to provide aid to overwhelmed healthcare workers. In the coming weeks, there’s hope more Automobile companies will hop in and begin to manufacture ventilators for the U.S. as we combat the effects of COVID-19. Read more here.

China is slowly reopening after a 2 month shut down

Parts of the Great Wall reopen as well as the Beijing Zoo as China is picking back up after shutting down due to coronavirus. Measures are being taken to prevent further spread in these places, but it’s definitely a hopeful sign that things are starting to look up! Read more here.

Burger King is providing free Kids meals

Burger King is doing what it can to help feed the kids of America amid the coronavirus crisis. If you order a meal on the Burger King App, they’re offering two free kids meals! In addition to this, they are also offering free deliveries for any order over $10. The offer is good through April 6th, 2020! Read more here.

Russell Wilson, Ciara donate 1 million meals and other celebrities donate $1M amid coronavirus pandemic:

There are so many families out there with little-to-no resources and celebrities have stepped up to help provide for those in need. More and more are donating as the days go by and they’re encouraging everyone else who can to do the same. Read more here.

People are putting up Christmas Lights to spread cheer:

A trend has started on social media - hundreds of people are brightening their homes with Christmas lights in order to spread light and cheer! In dark times like this, a simple reminder of good times to come is definitely what is needed. Read more here.

Disney is donating excess food after closing down:

Even amid the crisis, Disneyland in California is giving all excess food within food safety guidelines to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. This will tremendously help those in need of a meal in the coming weeks. Read more here.

Celebrities perform live on Instagram:  

Keith Urban, John Legend and a few more celebrities are hopping on live on Instagram to provide some free from-home entertainment. From concerts to just sharing their hearts, these celebs are spreading love and encouragement to millions from their homes to ours!

Adobe is offering their Creative Cloud for free for 60 days:

In an effort to keep the creativity flowing during this time of need, Adobe is offering free Creative Cloud apps for two months! You can take advantage of this by learning a new skill and diving deeper into your creativity! 

Foundations are popping up everywhere to support those in the Restaurant Industry:

The service industry is being hit hard right now but there are foundations popping up in a bunch of states for people to give to those in the industry! One National Foundation in particular, RWCF, promises donations will go for direct relief to individual restaurant workers, non-profit organizations serving restaurant workers in crisis, and also to zero-interest loans for restaurants to help them recover! Read more here.

Kristen Bell donates a year’s worth of baby products to a TN Family hit by the tornado: 

Coronavirus isn’t the only thing celebs are helping with! Kristen Bell and her family donated to a family in Tennessee that were affected by the tornado in early March. Kristen posted about it on her Instagram page saying, “Through good times and hard times, it takes a village". Agreed, Kristen! Read more here.

There is a Vaccine in the works currently: 

An experimental vaccine developed by Moderna Inc. began the first stage of a clinical trial on Monday, with testing on 45 healthy adults in Seattle! These amazing doctors and participants are sharing hope for a successful trial!  Read more here.

A company is giving away free toilet paper: 

An Atlanta-based marketing firm Trevelino/Keller was shut down for quarantine. They had stocked up a ton of toilet paper over the last few months and decided to give it away for free to people who need it! The company then launched “The Toilet Paper Exchange” where they toss rolls of toilet paper into car windows that are lined up in the drive-thru. It seems that other companies have started doing the same as well! Good things are spreading like wildfire! Read more here.

People are taking to Twitter with some humor to ease some of the COVID-19 tension: 

Tension is definitely rising during the pandemic but one proven way to alleviate stress and anxiety is laughter, of course! These hilarious tweets definitely help take the edge off. 

As you can see, there is lots of good left out there in the world but you may find yourself asking how you can help! Here are some ways you can help those in need.

  1. Check on your neighbors by downloading the app Next Door and see if you can meet any needs for those unable to leave their houses. 
  2. Donate to your local charities and organizations to help send aid to those who have need. If you don’t know who to give to - here is a good start!
    Donate here to Feeding America, an organization that helps feed families across the nation through various food banks. 
  3. Buy from your locally owned businesses. Whether it’s takeout, merch, or gift cards, this will support them and also their employees! 
  4. Check-in on your friends and family. Stay positive and spread encouragement to those who need it! 

A little bit of kindness goes a really long way these days. Let’s stick together and help our neighbors!

Keep Groovin’! 

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