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fishing tips from the pros

Fishing Tips from the Pros

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

During an interview with Stephen and Jacob, owners of Silo Creative, we discussed a Day in the Life of an Angler and gleaned wisdom from their bass-fishing experience. Here are a few fishing tips from the pros.

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Assess the Elements
Plan to head out at 3:30am for a day of fishing. One of the first obstacles for an angler is assessing the elements. If it's a colder day and the weather is 25 degrees, the water may be rough. This can be brutal for fishing. 

If the water is 60 degrees, the fish are going to spawn near the edges of the banks. If it's a warm, 90 degree day, the fish will be looking for shade.  

Fishing Tips from the Pros | Camo wedding rings

On Deciding Tackle
Big female fish are laying eggs near the banks and hungry, "hangry" as Jacob says. A big swim bait like a 10 inch plastic fish is ideal for female bass.  

Be mindful to "match the hatch."

If you're using a flipping jig, you want your bait fish jig to be the same size as the water's natural bait fish. Be mindful of the season. If the fish have been off the bed for a while, they are bigger. If they are younger, use a bait that is similar in size. The goal is for the bigger fish to go after your lure instead of the water's natural elements. Match what size the hatch are and you're bound to catch more. 

Color Patterns with Water
When you're fishing a clear lake, be sure to use natural color lures. If the water at the bank gets stirred up and muddy, use a step up from natural colored lures and use a shade or two brighter.

When fishing dirtier water, use a brighter lure to catch the fish's attention. 

camo silicone rings - fishing tips from the pros

General Tips
When sight fishing from a boat, notice where the fish are laying their eggs; bedding and protecting. 

In the spring, throw with a white line.

Be mindful of the thickness of your line. If you have a 20 pound fish, use a line thickness to measure your retrieval. 

For line types, braid is good for thick cover. Thin lines are best for clear water. 

Barometric Pressure
High pressure day scenario: After a front moves through and no clouds in the sky. These days aren't ideal to fish because under the water, the pressure is amplified.

To confirm if it's a high pressure day, look for sticks or needles in the water. If the straw and sticks are standing up vertically instead of laying flat, the barometric pressure will be higher. 

Another way to notice pressure is noticing bubbles when throwing a buzz bait. On a high pressure day, the bubbles will disappear. On a low pressure day, the bubbles will stay on top.  

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Use Appropriate Bait for the Season 
In the winter, fish want bigger bait. In the summer, smaller bait is ideal. Be mindful of weather and how much the fish are eating. 

A great spring bait is a senko, a fat plastic worm. For shallow fishing, use buzz bait.

For deep water, a flipping, football head jig is ideal. Short baits that imitate a crawdad, blue gill or a lizard are ideal for shallow. Often, when throwing soft plastics, fish judge what they are eating by the lure profile.

Top Fishing Companies
Strike King
Berkley Baits
SPRO Company
Rat.L.Trap Baits

Clothing Essentials
Wear a sun shirt to keep you cool, and protect your core and arms when out on the water all day. Be mindful to wear high SPF sunscreen on your face and hands.  

Wear a buff (check out Buff) or neck gaitor (check out HUK Kryptek Trophy Gaitor).

Costa Del Mar are the gold standard for sunglasses. With polarized lenses that cut the sheen and off-the-water glare, Costa Del Mar shades are essential for sight fishing.

Bobbie army hats from Cabela's. 90% of fishermen wear tried-and-true baseball caps.

fishing tips from the pros

Boat Safety First
In closing, be mindful. Wear your lifejacket. Last year people drowned because they weren't wearing a life preserver. Think of this as your seat belt. "It may be uncomfortable. Don't go out and be a maverick. Just wear your life jacket," Stephen and Jacob say. Bass boats can go 80 mph. Be mindful of speed, especially during the summer when pleasure boaters are out.

Always wear your kill switch. Legally, your kill switch has to stay connected to your life jacket. 

Don't fish alone. Be sure to take someone with you in the case of an emergency. 


fishing tips from the pros

Enjoy this dry rub recipe for your next catch HERE!



fishing tips from the pros

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