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Get a Groove Ring for Your Next CrossFit Workout

Get a Groove Ring for Your Next CrossFit Workout

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

We see you, crossfitters! 

No really, every day at Groove Life we watch CrossFit athletes jog in front of our fulfillment center here in Tennessee. Shoutout to CrossFit Combustion!

So what’s the big deal with CrossFit?

While the CrossFit movement has seen its ups and downs, it remains one of the most popular and accessible forms of working out.

Part of their secret is the flexibility of the workout. You are in charge. Your workout is based on your age level and ability. You workout at your level of comfort using everyday movements.

CrossFit is also rugged. You will usually find a gym in an industrial building, warehouse, or even an old barn.

Workouts are varied, different every time. CrossFit has changed over the years. Some gyms are more bootcamp oriented than others. But all boxes will challenge you and push you.

CrossFit has its own vocabulary

If you know what a kipping chest-to-bar pull up is or what skin-the-cat means then you’re probably an experienced crossfitter.

If you know how to do the windshield wiper or the dumbbell front-rack lunge, then you too my friend know your way around the box.

And if your idea of a good time is strapping a 40lb weight around your waist before strolling down the street, then you definitely know how to party.

Why the Groove Ring is built for CrossFit

If you love CrossFit, then you need a flexible ring that will give way when your finger is in a jam.

Welcome to the Groove Ring®, the world’s most comfortable silicone ring available today, built for fitness fanatics like crossfitters. They come in a variety of designs for both men and women.

So leave your wedding ring at home and get a Groove Ring for your workout.

The CrossFit Community

Another cool aspect of joining a CrossFit group is the instant community.

When you work out with the same group of people each week, life in the box can quickly turn into a tight-knit community. CrossFit has a habit of becoming a great place to see all your friends.

CrossFit coaches are there to lead, guide, and push you. Each coach is certified and credentialed before getting the keys to their own franchise.

CrossFit near me

When you enter CrossFit into your maps app, your phone will most likely light up with multiple local locations.

In fact, with over 12,000 gyms available worldwide, we are willing to bet the same thing will happen on every other continent, except maybe Antarctica. But give it time.


Kick it up a notch

When you’re ready to kick it up a notch, you’ll want to register for the ultra-competitive CrossFit Games. Names like Mat Fraser, Rich Froning Jr., and Tia Clair Toomey dominate these games, but feel free to add your name to the list.

In 2021, the CrossFit games were held at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI, where individuals and teams, male and female, competed for prizes and glory.

Registration is now open for the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games, a three-week competition taking place (again) at Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

Learn more HERE.

And be sure to take your Groove Life gear with you!

Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™.

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