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Groove Life Does Spirit Week

Groove Life Does Spirit Week

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Anyone remember Spirit Week from their old school days? Crazy hair day, pajama day, or superhero day had us searching our closets and factoring in some extra time before school to get dressed and ready to “wow” our friends and classmates.

Since our Groove Life HQ is located inside of an old school building, we thought it only fitting to create our very own spirit week. We designated each day of the week leading up to Halloween with unique themes for our Groovers to deck themselves in. Not only was it a chance to break up our workwear from the usual jeans and sweatshirts, but it let our employees have some fun and compete against each other for prizes.

Monday, we kicked things off with Denim Day. Groovers dressed in any and all things denim, from their hats and handbags to their shoes and shoelaces. (Flashback to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs, but lose the rhinestone necklace and frosted tips.)


Holiday Day was the theme for Tuesday. Groovers were to dress as their favorite holiday and, boy, did they get creative! While some dressed as die-hard Americans, others put on classic mom/dad attire and dressed as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Props included a loofah-like goldendoodle (for National Bubble Bath Day), tackle boxes and hand-drawn mustaches (for Father’s Day), and a makeshift harp and candy (for Valentine’s Day).

Groovers dressed to the nines for Prom Day. Floor-length dresses, sleek tuxes, and perfectly-polished updos were the uniform of the day. Our favorites of the day were the Groover dressed as a chaperone (with a sign reading “Leave Room for Jesus”) and two ladies serving punch for the prom attendees.

For the fourth day of Spirit Week, our Groovers dressed up as either cowboys or aliens. If donning a handkerchief and cowboy boots or decking yourself out in all green sounds like a good time, you would’ve fit right in with the crowd. 

Last but not least came our team costume day. This is the day every team planned weeks in advance! We saw everything from Steve Harvey and Family Feud participants, and dodgeball players, to Mario Kart, The Greatest Showman, Spring Hill High School attendees, rogue prisoners in orange jumpsuits, and more!

The creativity this year was off the charts and it made for one of the most fun Spirit Weeks we’ve been a part of. Don’t miss the video above recapping all of the fun that was had at our Groove Life HQ.

Keep Groovin’.

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