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Groove Life Dominates Wodapalooza 2020

Groove Life Dominates Wodapalooza 2020

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

It was that time of year again this past weekend where half-clothed, ripped bodies flooded the city of Miami. Some were there to compete, but most were there to just witness the fitness.

Everyone had an awesome surprise when they arrived. There was a newcomer to Wodapalooza that was ready to take the fitness festival by storm. It was Groove Life, ready to slang the best dang silicone rings and watch bands out there!

What the heck is Wodapalooza?

wodapalooza groove life

For those who have been living under a rock, Wodapalooza is a 4-day CrossFit Sanctional that takes place in Miami, FL. And if you’re wondering… “Sanctional” is a made-up word meaning sanctioned competition in the sport of CrossFit. If you win a Sanctional then you get an invite to the CrossFit Games. It’s basically the Super Bowl of fitness. If you already have an invite to go to the CrossFit Games then your spot goes to the next person depending on whether or not they accept the invite. Figuring out who gets an invitation to the games is about as easy as advanced trigonometry.

Anywho, back to the weekend and Groove’s dominance at Wodapalooza.

groove life crossfit wodapalooza

What does Wodapalooza have to do with Groove Life?

Customer after customer came by the booth asking what made us different from the silicone ring they are currently wearing. Our squad of highly-trained pros were excited to inform them that the grooves on the inside of the band set our rings apart from the rest. They’d never owned a ring that didn’t leave them feeling like they were wearing a wet band-aid during their kipping pull-ups and wall balls. Attendees were also huge fans of our 94-Year No BS Warranty. We only had 1 angry customer leave because it wasn’t 95 years, and even he had to marvel at the awesomeness of our rings!

The competition was stacked with the elite of the elite. All the big names were going head-to-head… the perfect set-up for an epic showdown. On the team side, Mayhem Freedom, led by Groove Life Athlete Rich Froning, exerted their dominance yet again. Though it was a bit closer than usual, everyone knew “the Michael Jordan of CrossFit” and his team of rockstars were going to bring home the W. The surprise was Mayhem’s second team, Independence, a slight underdog, punching their ticket to the CrossFit Games!

The biggest story from the competition floor came from Saxon Panchik.  With most of the top dogs already having a spot to the Games, he and his brother were fighting to earn their way. Saxon stayed within the top 10! As the weekend was coming to an end, Saxon found himself backed into a corner and needed to find a way to claim his place at the table. What did he do? He called in a favor from the folks over at Groove Life! Sunday before he hit the competition floor he stopped by our booth and we hooked him up with our Zeus Ring which was made for the competitive exerciser. When he put on that ring he went into that final event with the confidence he had been looking for and with laser focus he took 4th on the event, edging out his brother Spencer and claiming a spot at the CrossFit Games.

If you thought that was cool...

The coolest part of the Wodapalooza competition is the Adaptive Athlete division. This division is made up of athletes who have something that would inhibit them from competing against others like a missing limb or having to be bound to a wheelchair. The founder of the division, Steph “The Hammer” Hammerman stopped by the booth because she loved our rings so much and knew that we partnered with her good friend, Rich Froning.  She was born with cerebral palsy that affects her lower-body muscle function and inhibits her ability to complete workouts designed for able-bodied athletes. It was a true inspiration to see athletes like Steph get out there and go hard. We also spoke to the new director of the Adaptive division, Logan Aldridge, and he said “We want people to not feel sorry for us. We want people to realize we are great competitors as well and can hang with the best.” Go check out Steph or Logan’s Instagram page and then tell me what your excuse is for not getting to the gym, just try it. 

Overall it was a great weekend and Groove Life left its mark in Miami.  There was no question as to who the preferred silicone ring is by the fitness competitors and enthusiasts!


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