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Groove Scholarship Essay - Tell us about your greatest adventure!

Groove Scholarship Essay - Tell us about your greatest adventure!

Posted by Brooks Tiller on

 by Dr. Brooks Tiller


There were so many great entries! We appreciate the time each of you took to apply.  We had so many that we decided to choose 3 winners instead of 2. 

The Winners of this year's scholarship are Andrew Sasser, Emma Muhlenkamp and Marti Helmers. 


Looking for a scholarship essay you can't wait to write or submit by video? We want to know know about your greatest adventure: Past, present or future.  

The pursuit of adventure has shaped the history of the world. Adventure set Columbus to sail for America, led Lewis and Clark to the Pacific, and landed a man on the moon. 

Every single day we must decide which path we will venture down. The actions we take determine the map that we draw. The beauty and joy of living out our own adventure is being in control of where we go. Every morning we wake to a fresh canvas ready for us to draw our own map. We must take action to walk the path even though we may not know what the day will hold or the greatness that is waiting for us around the bend.  We want to know what you've done or what you plan to do!


The Groove scholarship essay is a great way to document your adventure or help you discover what's needed to take you on your next adventure. This scholarship essay is your voice. Not anyone else's!  Some seek adventure through a rush of adrenaline while others find it in serenity. Adventure can take us to crowded streets far away, some occur in undiscovered wilderness, while others will lead us home. Taking intentional strides toward our destination, we prepare to face challenges and overcome the obstacles along the way. The joy of the adventure is in walking the path not knowing what is around the bend.

We want to hear about your greatest adventure. Here at Groove we strive to live a life to the fullest and embrace every opportunity for adventure. And we want to help you work towards your college goals with the Groove essay scholarship. We want to help you to live your dream adventure, to see you achieve your goals, and then celebrate success with you.


 Tell us your greatest adventure in your scholarship essay with either a 500-1000 word typed essay or a video of the great adventure that has led you to where you are today or share the great adventure that you dream for your tomorrow.

You can not fail this exam as there is no wrong answer. Not taking a step to set out on your own adventure is the only failure. Life is not full of adventure but is an adventure in itself. Adventure is waiting. Only a step is required.

For rules, guidelines and full details visit  The Groove College Scholarship Essay Page.  

One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure. - William Feather

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