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Hanging with the Bone Collector™

Hanging with the Bone Collector™

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Hunting as a way of life
Michael Waddell: Turkey Hunting & The World’s Strongest Belt

Michael Waddell is never far from his hunting rifle.

Born into a family of avid hunters, Waddell’s father and uncle taught him how to shoot at an early age and he’s never looked back.

“Every frosty morning in November, my dad was out hunting.”

Yet, to Waddell, hunting is more than just a recreational sport. It’s a family lifestyle lived outside.

“Just being outdoors is what I love most—the gardens, chicken coops, and living off the land.”

Here at Groove Life, we love connecting with like-minded, adventurous souls like Mike Waddell.

Chasing Turkeys

“Growing up, all I wanted to do was hunt and fish,'' says Waddell. He learned to hunt all kinds of animals: Deer, rabbits, and turkeys.

“Turkey hunting is harder than it looks,'' says Waddell. “They’re smart, have keen eyesight, so any human movement scares them off.”

Waddell grew to enjoy turkey hunting so much that when he was in high school he often missed his early classes because he was out chasing turkeys.

“When springtime rolled around, man, I couldn’t wait to hunt turkeys every morning.”

Birth of The Bone Collector

His addiction to the hunting lifestyle led him to take a job with Realtree Camo, a tremendous introduction to the wider hunting industry.

But as Waddell grew more curious about the folks who never had the chance to hunt, he knew he had to share his passion for the outdoors.

He was soon able to launch his own show in front of the camera, the Bone Collector, and The Brotherhood was born.

We at Groove Life® are proud to partner with guys like Michael Waddell because we share the same passion. We work to inspire people to get outside and embark on an adventure.

A Skull on a Buckle
That’s why we worked with the Bone Collector to bring you a brand new, ultra-strong Groove Belt™ with an exclusive, iconic Bone Collector skull logo on the buckle. Who doesn’t love a skull on their belt buckle?

It only makes sense to match up America’s favorite hunter with the world’s best tactical belt. Just one more way to celebrate your love for the hunt.

So when you begin gathering all your gear for the new hunting season, be sure to add in the new Bone Collector belt from Groove Life.

Just set it next to your boots by the door.

That way you won’t forget it when you head outside.

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