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How Active Lifestyle Dads Inspire Their Kids Through Adventure

How Active Lifestyle Dads Inspire Their Kids Through Adventure

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

What legacy are you leaving for your kids?

The word “inheritance” brings to mind a lot of financial images - real estate, cash, assets, and more - but don’t sell yourself and your kids short by thinking THAT is the only kind of inheritance that matters. Don’t get us wrong, leaving your kids a financial blessing is awesome, but here at Groove Life, we believe that one of the greatest gifts a kid can receive from his or her dad is an adventurous spirit.

When you share adventures with your kids, you’re not just giving them incredible experiences, but you’re also teaching them how to seek it out for themselves throughout their lives.

Peter Goodwin, the founder of Groove Life, took his son on a moose hunt in remote Alaska at just six years old. With that kind of adventurous leader heading up this company, you’d better believe “inspire adventure” is one of our core values. That’s why we created an 8-episode series called Project Adventure now available on Amazon Prime. In each episode, we take one individual with a wild hair on the craziest adventure of their lives!

If you’ve seen the show, you’ll recognize the following guys who took on an insane challenge and lived to tell the tale. If you’re a dad hoping to raise kids who love the outdoors, or if you’d just like to experience a little spontaneity to change up the daily grind, keep reading to gain some exciting trip ideas and how these outdoorsmen have incorporated adventure into their own lives.

If you’d like to watch our adventures instead of reading about them, check out our Project Adventure series on Amazon Prime!

Man standing next to a van reading "Ready for Adventure"


Catfish Noodling is simple. It involves a murky lake and a big underwater hole. All you have to do is reach in there, grab a gigantic catfish, and hoist it out! Now THAT’S what we call fishing.

Kevin took on the Catfish Noodling challenge with expert Marion Kincaid and said it was one of his favorite Project Adventure challenges to date.

“When the idea of Project Adventure was presented to me, I thought it was an idea that would fulfill Groove’s mission to ‘inspire people to adventure.’ As the producer of the series, I was excited to tackle it. The “why” for me was to inspire others to get out there and adventure for themselves,

“I think it's important to intentionally experience adventure because it changes you as an individual. It’s about getting yourself just outside of your comfort zone to where you have to depend on other people and on God.

“As a dad, I encourage my kids to adventure because it expands their boundaries. If I’m going to expect my kid to expand their boundaries and grow, they need to see me model it.

“My advice for the dads who want to incorporate adventure into their kids' lives is this: Take them with you to do adventurous things. The first time I took my oldest boy to Alaska he came alive! I saw him develop a new confidence in himself. Adventure creates a more confident self-image, expands our limits, and gets us out of our comfort zone. One of the best things you can do for your kids is to inspire and help them grow into adventurous adults.”


Man standing holding a giant catfish in the water


Steve had always dreamed of hitting the racetrack, but never dreamed that it could become a reality. Taking on this adventure was something he would never forget.

“Making the decision to go on this adventure was an easy one because not only did I get to live out a lifelong dream, it was recorded so I can relive it again and again. I absolutely loved every second of it! Without a doubt, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only did I get to meet a hero of mine, but I also got to ride in a racecar with him on an official NASCAR track! It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will never forget and I am so thankful to Groove Life for the opportunity.

“I always try to model an adventurous spirit to my kids so they will learn to step outside their comfort zone. Kids today are so glued to devices that they miss the adventure that is all around them. I want to challenge my boys to push themselves to the next level mentally, physically, and spiritually. Without challenge, there can be no growth! This world is full of so many amazing opportunities and adventures and it saddens me to think about what my sons may miss if they aren't pushed in the right direction. If we go to a theme park, I always say you have to do something a little scarier than last time. I challenge them to set goals just beyond what they have accomplished before so they can experience the thrill of and adventure of achieving something new. I know these lessons will go far beyond the arena of whatever they are being challenged in.

“Get your kids to take a baby step in a new direction. Push them to be adventurous in trying new experiences, new opportunities, new foods, new cultures, and watch them grow to heights you never would have imagined.”


Man sitting inside a stock car, hands on the wheel


Skydiving ONE time is a bucket list item for most people, but how about NINE jumps in a weekend? Trenton took on this challenge and enjoyed every second.

“I was so excited to go on this trip for many reasons, but chiefly, to jump out of a plane 9 times with the chance to solo…insane. It was an incredible trip and I was honored to learn from some of the very best skydivers in the world.

three men in freefall while parachuting

“Though I am not a father yet, I believe it's critical for kiddos to see adventure modeled. It is SO easy to become complacent in everyday life and not push yourself beyond your comfort zone. I have adopted the mantra of "Do something before you're ready." The meaning is straightforward but the implications are limitless. Too often we want to research what the market is doing before we invest, or get lost in the details of packing and research that we wimp out/delay and don't do that trip we always wanted to do. Whatever it might be for you, do it before you're completely ready and learn to handle what happens after. This "what happens after" section is where things typically don't go as planned but is incredibly fertile ground where resilience is grown and strong character is forged. When kiddos see your thirst and passion to always push yourself outside what's comfy, they can't help but question this desire as it's so counter-cultural. This concept goes beyond "be manly and just climb a mountain," though that's awesome, it shows a longing to be the best you can be; it's rejecting complacency and striving for excellence in all areas of your life. Adventure teaches more than skill; it teaches that kids can handle anything life might throw their way.

“Adventure doesn't have to be jumping out of a plane like my trip with Groove Life. Adventure might be teaching your kid to fish, ride a motorcycle, or even how to run a mile without stopping. Whatever the adventure might be, don't let the fear of failure or of not being fully prepared stop you; Do something before you're ready.”

- Trenton

Man carrying parachute with one hand on a little boy's head


Ben had the unique experience of participating in all of the adventures from Project Adventure from the perspective of a film crew member!

“I was part of the film crew on all these adventures, but I think I enjoyed the adventure trips as much as the guys doing the adventure. Just getting a few days with a group of men doing something (or filming) outside of your comfort zone is really rejuvenating to the confidence and spirit of a man. I always felt so appreciative of everything I had after the trips. My mental health really benefited. I loved my family better and pursued my relationship with God harder. Adventure truly is essential for a full life.

man staring at a shark while diving

“As a young Dad with 2 kids, I already find myself looking forward to trips and adventures I’ll do with my kids in the future, especially my son. I think having a Dad that shows you how to have fun and live adventurously will inspire you to live your whole life with that mindset. To take risks and go after the things you love. Not carelessly, but with the same intentionality that our Heavenly Father put inside us to not live in fear. Whatever the adventure, I think the most important thing is that you’re doing it together and that your kids know how much they are loved and how much you love doing life with them. So whether it’s mountain climbing in the Rockies or playing tag in the backyard, get out there and find your adventure!”


two people sitting on a snow machine


If you have an adventurous dad in your life, you know how hard it can be to find him the perfect Father’s Day gift! If you’re looking for something original, useful, AND adventure-proof, look no further! We’ve designed the ideal present for anyone with an active lifestyle - a breathable, silicone wedding ring. It’s comfortable, it’s quality, and it keeps the sweat away from your skin!

Groove rings stacked side by side

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Groove belts stacked on top of each other

Keep Groovin’!

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