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How to spoil your outdoorsy girl on Valentine’s Day!

How to spoil your outdoorsy girl on Valentine’s Day!

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Creating a memorable Valentine’s Day for your girl sounds easy, right? Take her shopping before a romantic dinner, deliver flowers and chocolates to her work, and write a cute note. Bam! You’re a hero.

But what if the special someone you’re dating isn’t that kind of girl? What if she’d rather go turkey hunting than spend a night out on the town?

There are a lot of ways you can spoil your outdoorsy girl and they’re simpler than you think! All you have to do is think outside the box of chocolates. *wink*

We consulted with Groove Life influencer, hunter, and Katie Van Slyke for this one and came up with the coolest gift for the outdoorsy girl in existence (see #4 below). Click here to read a recent interview with Katie Van Slyke.

Outdoorsy Girl Valentine's Day Surprise

4 ways to spoil your outdoorsy girl for Valentine’s Day!

Go on an adventure together.

Since Valentine’s Day doesn’t fall in the middle of a major hunting season, you’ll have to get creative with this one. You can hunt small-game animals, go fishing, or hike and scout out future hunting areas. As long as you’re out adventuring, this one will be a win.

Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

Write her a letter.

Your heart means more to your girl than anything else. Tell her how you feel in your own words. Whether you write an email and print it out or scribble it on scrap paper, it will mean the world to her. And… if you want to throw in chocolate and some wildflowers in too, well, she probably won’t mind a bit.

Learn a skill that is new for both of you!

Not too handy in the kitchen? Grab some frozen game and cook it up together! If you’ve always wanted to try your hand at badminton, buy a few racquets and make it a date! As long as you’re keeping it interesting, you’re winning at the Valentine’s Day game.

Outdoorsy Deer Turkey Hunting Ring and Watch Band

Give her a ring and watch band that she can't resist.

All girls, even the outdoorsy ones, love some jewelry, especially if it is practical AND cute! This year, we’ve partnered with Katie Van Slyke to create a stunning ring and watch band collection with outdoorsy girls in mind!

Love Deerly Signature Ring and Watch Band

Love Deerly - Katie Van Slyke Signature Ring

The Love Deerly pattern weaves a subtle deer antler into a soft design of flowers and leaves. This is the perfect gift for the girl who loves deer hunting and isn’t afraid of a little light pink! The Love Deerly ring is now available as an Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung Watch Band, Groove Ring, and Thin Groove Ring.

Brave - Katie Van Slyke Signature Groove Ring

Brave - Katie Van Slyke Signature Ring

Feathers are back in style and turkey hunters are all about it! The Brave ring pattern includes two intricate turkey feathers woven on a beautiful teal background, perfect for the girl who has a little bit of the wild in her soul. The Brave ring is now available as a Groove Ring and Thin Groove Ring.

BONUS Tip: Tell her she’s beautiful.

We have one final bit of advice for you this Valentine’s Day. Whether she’s an outdoorsy girl or catwalk diva, your girl loves to hear how beautiful she is. Write it on a sticky note and leave it on her steering wheel, send it in a text, or, best of all, say it face-to-face. Just make sure she knows that, in your eyes, she’s the prettiest girl in the world… because she is.

Katie Van Slyke Hunting Ring

About Groove Life

Did you know metal rings can be dangerous? Unfortunately, most alternative rings cause rashes, sweat, and stick to your skin like a wet band-aid. That’s why we created the Groove Ring, an innovative ring made out of medical-grade silicone that incorporates breathable grooves so your ring is comfortable, trendy, and safe to wear anywhere. We now expanded our collection to include breathable Samsung, Fitbit, and Apple watch bands and the most comfortable belt in history. If you’d like to keep up with our innovative products, head to our website and sign up for our newsletter!

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