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Inspiring Adventure and Protecting the Great Outdoors

Inspiring Adventure and Protecting the Great Outdoors

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Volunteering with The Union Sportsmen’s Alliance

Gettin’ After It

At Groove Life®, we believe in getting after it Monday through Friday.

But when quittin’ time comes, you can bet we’ll be getting after our next adventure.

Two of our core values here at Groove are inspiring adventure and giving back to the community. Two of the same values shared by our friends at the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance.

That’s why we’ve partnered with them on three new products, the Groove Belt, a new Zeus ring, and the  Groove Ring.


Skilled Workers & The Great Outdoors

Carpenters. Electrical Workers. Steelworkers. These are just a handful of the partner trade unions that make up the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance. Talented, skilled tradesmen and women all over the country.

In fact, 76% of the 16 million union members represented by the USA say they love spending their time off fishing or hunting in the great outdoors.

More than that, they love to take others with them.

Gone Fishing

Imagine a new skyscraper being built in downtown Chicago. Now imagine a 260lb, tattooed iron worker on the job site looking forward to the end of his Friday shift. He knows what he’s doing first thing Saturday morning—he’s going fishing.

But since he’s a member of the alliance, he won’t be going alone. He’ll be going with other alliance members and he’ll be taking a handful of local inner city kids who have never fished before. 

By the end of the day those kids will be smiling from ear to ear.

USA members understand that hunting, fishing, and conservation in the U.S.depends on the commitment to train future generations. That’s why they spend their days off focussing on educating, volunteering and conservation.

Just another day for members of the alliance. 


Giving Back through Conservation 

Another core value of the alliance is the active conservation of public lands.

Because the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, all of their conservation efforts are done on a volunteer basis. And you don’t have to be a union member to join them in volunteering. 

They target popular outdoor spaces like lakes, rivers, and shared hunting spaces, and then put together a local team of volunteers to go out and improve the land.

Their goal? To improve the outdoor infrastructure across the country.

And with so many skilled guys in the alliance, it’s amazing what they can build. 

For example, a group of union sportsmen's alliance volunteers recently helped build a new pier near Tampa, FL, so the local kids could learn how to fish. It was accomplished through volunteer (skilled) labor and volunteer time. 


Blue Collar, Black Buckle

This country was built by America’s blue collar workers. 

It's what they do with their time off that puts a smile on our faces.

That’s why we want to honor them with three new products:

  • A black Groove Belt with the handsome USA logo proudly displayed on a Gun Metal buckle
  • A USA Zeus Edge Olive Drab Groove Ring
  • A USA Edge Black Groove Ring

Just another way to encourage more conservation efforts.

So here’s to all the welders, plumbers, boilermakers, iron ship builders, teamsters—and all their families who love the great outdoors.

Union skills. Outdoor passion. Common purpose. 

Groove Life. Ready for Adventure.

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