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Introducing: Zeus Thin

Introducing: Zeus Thin

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

The Gods have spoken, and they’re slimming down! Zeus Thin rings are available now.

Introducing Zeus Thin. The power of the Zeus Anti-Stretch™ technology is now available in half the width.

Since the “King of All Rings” took the world by a storm (pun intended) last summer, it quickly lived up to its name of power. Athletes and CrossFit champions love the band for its durability and rely on it to protect their hands from injury.

This summer, we decided to take that ring, slim it down, and offer it in some new colors!

Meet Zeus Thin.

Appropriately named after the mythical god of thunder, Zeus Thin rings are designed with extra durability, power, and strength. Formerly a 9mm wide band in thundercloud colors of black, olive, and grey, the Zeus ring is now available in a 5.5mm thin design with bright color options!

zeus anti-stretch thin silicone ring

What makes this ring so powerful?

The Zeus Anti-Stretch™ technology is groundbreaking in the realm of silicone rings. Basically, it’s three bands fused together to create one ultimate ring. Let’s get to know the bands.

Band 1: The Grooves

This band includes the breathable grooves that Groove Life is known for! The grooves allow air in and moisture out so the skin stays cool and is able to breathe. Most silicone rings create rashes, sweat build-up, and a horrible smell. Our breathable grooves are designed to keep the air flowing so you can workout, rock-climb, and compete worry-free.

powerful zeus ring for athletes

Band 2: Zeus Anti-Stretch™

Here’s where we branch out from the original Groove Ring. The inner-molded Zeus Anti-Stretch™ band is designed to hold the ring’s shape and keeps it from deforming. This makes the ring ideal for high-intensity activities like CrossFit workouts, ax-throwing, and anything that includes a strong grip! Unlike your traditional wedding ring, this powerful band is designed to break away from your finger if it gets snagged. Better your ring than your finger, right?! Since we actually want this ring to break if needed, like all of our products, the Zeus Thin is protected by our 94-year No BS Warranty. Whether you break it or lose it while skydiving, we’ll send you another.

Band 3: The Power Look

The Zeus Thin features an updated outer band look. The step edge profile on the original Zeus has been replaced by a beveled edge profile that gives the impression of steel-tough strength with the comfort and flexibility of medical-grade silicone. Current Zeus ring wearers like to talk about the comfort of the ring. If it didn’t look so good you might almost forget it was there!

zeus thin silicone ring

The Best Gift for Men and Women

The Zeus Thin was designed to feel comfortable on a smaller hand, but whether you want a ring that screams “FREEEDOMM” like a warrior or prefer to know that power lies within is entirely a matter of preference. The Zeus Thin comes in several colors that are new to this style and unavailable in our other rings.

You don’t have to leave your ring at home when you go to the gym this week. Grab yourself a Zeus Thin and get out there!

Keep Groovin’!

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