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Mens Belt by Groove Life

Introducing The Groove Life Men's Belt

Posted by Kevin Beasley on

What if there was a men's belt that you could buckle with one snap, not need to keep adjusting, and would never lose its shape.

Well, listen up. IT IS HERE.

Hitting the market in style... *drumroll*... The Groove Belt™.

It looks awesome and it actually works. We think it’s the best men's belt in the world!

The Groove Belt

Before we get into the details of The Groove Belt™, here’s a little background info on Groove Life.

Founded in 2015 by alleged bear rider and Alaskan bush guide Peter Goodwin, Groove Life specializes in designing premium active gear for adventurers.

We started off by creating The Groove Ring, the most comfortable, breathable silicone ring out there. Next, we released breathable watch bands for Apple, Samsung and Fitbit. Now, we've created the most comfortable men's stretch belt in the world.

The Groove Belt

So what’s all the hype about?

According to our expert research (e.g. us counting our trips to the bathroom), most people have to unbuckle and re-buckle their belt about 5.24x per day!  The Groove Belt makes that process as simple and comfy as possible.

Here’s how we do it.

The snap.

You can buckle this belt with just one satisfying snap. Neodymium rare-earth magnets and a Teflon coated, high strength A380 aluminum alloy buckle, make this magnetic belt a no-brainer.

The stretch.

Most belts seem to rebel against comfort… they either end up too tight or way too loose. The Groove Belt has just the right amount of stretch for comfort and flexibility. No more fear of bending over with this belt on. It will stretch just the right amount to avoid those awkward reveals.

One-time adjustment.

Get this… The Groove Belt is always the right size. Once you adjust that belt to the perfect length, it’s a done deal. Unless you go a little too heavy on the apple pie next Christmas.

Stays in place.

Unlike your typical webbed belt that folds and deforms, this belt was designed to hold its shape. No matter how much you bend and twist, this bad boy will stay in place, lookin’ classy.

The best belt on the market

No more flap.

You know what we’re talking about. That long belt tail that wraps around your waist like a tipsy boa constrictor. Any excess belt webbing tucks neatly behind the belt and is held securely by the keeper loop.

Covered for life.

Just like all of our products, The Groove Belt is covered with our 94-Year No BS Warranty. That means if you break it we cover it! Your pants are guaranteed to stay up for life!

These belts are changing the history of men's belts as we know it! No more swinging loose ends. No more one-size-fits-none. No more struggle-to-buckle. The Belt You Never Adjust is going to change your life forever.

Can’t wait to get this thing wrapped around your belt loops? Start shopping Groove Belts now. Your pants (and your wife) will thank you.

Keep Groovin’!

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