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New Prototype Products from Groove Life

New Prototype Products from Groove Life

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Like so many other companies, supply chain issues have hit Groove Life hard.

So hard, in fact, we’ve been forced to temporarily get creative with the materials we do have and see what we can come up with. 

After a few long nights tinkering in the basement, we now have a handful of new prototype products.

These products are technically still under wraps, but we wanted to share with you to get some early feedback.

Let us know what you think! (Fingers crossed).

The Groove Life Swiss Army Ring

Everyone fears the Swiss Army.

Okay, no one really fears Switzerland, but if you ever get stuck in the Alps, the Swiss Army knife is your best friend.

Why? Because it has everything you’d ever need to survive in the wild. Where else can you get a knife, a small saw, scissors, a toothpick, a corkscrew, and nail file all in one place?

Where better to store a Swiss Army Knife than in the middle of a Groove Ring? Right?

Since we know you’re wild about the wild, we wanted you to be prepared.

Open a can, or get married.

Behold the Groove Life Swiss Army Ring!

Next up, Groove Beer

After the adventure, you need a refresher. 

Given the wild popularity of pre-game energy drinks like Monster and Redbull, we thought we would catch adventure junkies on the back end. After the triathlon.

We know that after you’ve laid it all on the line, you’ll be thirsty.

Introducing Groove Beer, the perfect recovery drink for those covered in sweat.

When it’s time to relax at the end of that long hike, there's nothing like kicking off your boots and cracking open a can of Groove Beer.

This is our moment to break into the after-race beverage market.

For those who give their all, we have Groove Beer.


Listen, if Elon Musk can dream big, so can we. 

Sure, these products may not yet exist, but we are all about pushing the envelope and giving the people what they want.

We’ve only just begun our exploration of other markets.

Here at Groove Life, we love developing new products for people like you, the fearless warrior.

You can thank us later.

Keep Groovn’

p.s. April Fools

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