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New Things for Groove Life in 2020

New Things for Groove Life in 2020

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Whew… what a year.

From the Great Toilet Paper shortage in April to the explosion of puppy videos on Instagram reels (we never saw that one coming)... this has been... unexpected, to say the least. In other words, if 2020 was a batch of cookies, they’d probably set your mouth on fire. And your house. And the earth.

You get the point. While we could drone on and on about the impacts of the virus… that’s not really our style. We like to be different, and this year, different is thankful.

So here is our happy news - the upside of being Groove Life in 2020.

If you’re looking for some good news right now, or if you’re just curious what we’ve been up to in 2020, keep on reading!

What went RIGHT in 2020.

This has been a year of change but, to be honest, it wasn’t all bad. We feel so lucky that we are an eCommerce business so our sales were not dependent on people getting out of the house. We were able to keep running throughout the entire year and we want to say a big THANK YOU to you for that.

We would not be here today without you. Thanks for wearing our rings, watch bands, and belts, and staying positive. You rock, and we mean that.

Speaking of belts… we added a few awesome items to our gear list this year, and they were a huge hit!

The Groove Belt by Groove Life: most comfortable men's belt

The Groove Belt

2020 was the year to chillax at home and with The Groove Belt, you can do that without having to choose between style and comfort.

Most men's belts are uncomfy, stiff, tight, and a huge hassle to deal with. The Groove Belt combines just the right amount of comfort and stretch with a neodymium magnet buckle that you can snap with just one hand. It’s the most comfortable men’s belt in the world and it’s available now.

Tony Hawk Signature Ring Collection of silicone rings

Tony Hawk Signature Rings

Tony Hawk is THE MAN and the signature ring collection is stellar, just the thing we need to get us hype in 2020.

From bold red to solid black, the Tony Hawk Signature Ring Collection has a ring for everyone. It isn’t every day you get to wear your hero’s emblem on your finger, so this was a major cause to celebrate.

Marvel Super Hero Silicone Rings

Marvel Super Hero Rings

The heroes of the Marvel Universe are a light in our lives. They give us hope for the future and inspire us to greatness while protecting us from the most dangerous foes out there.

We’ve been so inspired by them ourselves that we created uniquely powerful and protective rings for safety and comfort unlike anything in the universe. Marvel Super Hero Rings from Groove Life!

Our ring has grooves for breathability, and a comfort inner band built for maximum quality and comfort. Made from 100% Medical grade materials, we include our 94-year ‘NO BS’ warranty, so that you’re always covered no matter what foe shows up! Powerful.

The original Groove Life building.

We’ve Moved!

Groove Life was based out of an old high school for the last couple years. While the building has been awesome, we outgrew it in 2020 so we bought an old lumberyard and created a fantastic new building, just a block from the old one! We were able to design the building with everything we dreamed of in an office - with lots of space for the fun activities you see us up to on Instagram

Needless to say, we love it.

The new Groove Life building

What’s Next for Groove Life?

We know… what could be better than the most comfortable men’s belt in the world? Well… you’ll see.

In 2021 we are totally psyched about some exciting new partnerships with influencers and brands as well as some sweet new products you’re going to love.

Stay tuned because we’re thinking 2021 is going to be the best year yet.

Keep Groovin’!


© 2021 MARVEL

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