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Police Week

Police Week

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

As National Police Week rolls around this October, we want to make sure we acknowledge our law enforcement officials for protecting us all in 2021.

Life hasn’t slowed down much at the police department, if anything it’s become busier.

Police officers work tirelessly to keep us safe, and with crime rates on the rise, we need them more than ever. So, officers, we want you to know we see you.

***If you are an active police officer, firefighter, or first responder, or a retired military member, nurse, medic, or healthcare worker, thanks to ID.me, you will receive 15% off your purchase of a Hero ring at checkout on Groovelife.com.***


In 1962, then president John F. Kennedy established the first Peace Officers Memorial Day for May 15 of every year to honor fallen officers and those injured in the line of duty. Today we call it National Police Week.

This year, however, National Police Week falls in the month of October, but the memorial remains the same.

While the whole week is a time of honoring officers, May 15 specifically is recognized as National Peace Officers Memorial Day. Because of the current pandemic, the date was pushed to the week of October 11.

Police Week also includes a moving candlelight vigil for officers who have lost their lives.


Here are a handful of ideas for honoring your local police officers. Not a perfect or complete list, but a few things to get us thinking.


Every year families celebrate national police week with a candlelight vigil. 

A strong tradition associated with the original memorial day, lighting a candle is a simple way to acknowledge their service. Light a candle in memory of an officer.


Next time you see an officer in person, simply say thanks. You’d be surprised how far that can go. 

One way modern officers win over communities is by getting to know the neighborhood when all is well, rather than waiting for trouble to arise.

So let’s reverse the script and thank them when we see them—at the gas station, the store, or the school where they stand watch.


You can send a donation to a great cause. Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.) is one of the best nonprofit organizations that supports the surviving family members of fallen police officers. 

Please check out the link above and join us in supporting this important cause.


While you can’t wear a police badge to support your loved ones in law enforcement, you can wear a customized silicone ring in their honor!

In fact, we have an entire collection of rings that are specifically dedicated to those who serve as everyday heroes, including nurses, firefighters, and police officers.

We take your service seriously, so we created a line of rings just for police officers: 

We offer three unique designs:


Whether you buy the ring for yourself and wear it proudly, or give it as a gift to your favorite police officer, it is a powerful way to serve them in return.

It’s also a great gift to celebrate officers who have recently been promoted.


A Groove Ring is the most advanced silicone ring on the market today. We didn’t invent the silicone ring, but we did perfect it.

While most silicone rings stick to your skin like a wet band-aid, Groove Rings are breathable, comfortable, and designed with safety in mind.

And they are designed to break away.

We won’t go into the details of ring avulsion (ask Jimmy Fallon about that) but trust us, you don’t want it. Groove Rings are designed to break away when trouble strikes, protecting your finger and hand.

Plus, every Groove Ring includes inner grooves that allow air in and moisture out, keeping your finger dry and skin breathing. And every ring is backed by the best warranty in the industry.


The Groove Ring is ideal for police officers because it gives them the low profile they need and the flexibility they expect from a silicone ring.

Many officers are forced to leave their metal rings at home due to the nature of their work. But with the groove ring, officers can now safely and proudly wear a silicone ring while on the job. 

Our Groove Hero rings are durable, and come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty that covers damage and loss!

Finally, if you’re a police officer reading this, we want to thank you for your service.

You are our real-life superheroes out there keeping the world safe one day at a time.

Thanks for everything. 

Keep Groovin’!

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