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Project Adventure is on Amazon Prime Video!

Project Adventure is on Amazon Prime Video!

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

What’s up, adventurers!

The show you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived.

It’s packed with adrenaline. It’s insanely risky. It’s dadgum hilarious.

It’s Project Adventure.

Prime Video

And it’s made by a bunch of crazy folks with a “normal” life and big dreams.

If you’ve been following our journey on social media this past year, you know that we are ALL ABOUT ADVENTURE.

In fact, we love to inspire adventure so much that it’s one of our core values!

Here’s one of the ways we live that core value out:

Each month, we take one Groove customer on the adventure of their lifetime, pair them up with a world-class coach and take them from zero to hero in 72 hours!

We’ve accomplished the craziest bucket list goals ranging from the sky to the ocean and everything between, including skydiving, bull riding, and more!

Now, we’ve expanded our YouTube adventure show to an entire Season 1 of Project Adventure on Amazon Prime Video! In four full-length episodes, you’ll get to join our team as they take on crazy challenges, train with the experts, and gain insane skills almost overnight!

Groove Life Product Adventure

Project Adventure Season 1 includes:

Bull Riding with JB Mauney

Wonder what it's like to ride 1,600-pound raging bulls? We were challenged by 2x world champion PBR bull riding legend, JB Mauney, to hop on the back of a flamin' mad hunk of hamburger with only 2 days of training. We hired pro-coach, Ty Rinaldo from TZ Ranch to teach us how to do it. Who's gonna hold on longest? Can we get an 8-second ride after just 2 days of training? Let's go to the rodeo!

Racing Stock Cars with Ward and Jeb Burton

Peter and Spencer take NASCAR fanatic Steve Bass to the race track and put him in the seat of real stock cars at the NASCAR Driving Experience in Charlotte, North Carolina. Guess who steps in to coach Steve when Peyton has to get ready for his weekend race? Daytona 500 winner, Ward Burton. Father and son can't help but jump in the cars and heat up the competition. Check out our fastest episode yet!

Skydiving with Greg Windmiller

Skydiving is the ultimate bucket list adventure, so we had to face our fears head-on! We teamed up with 5-time Skydiving world record holder, Greg Windmiller, to find out what it's like to solo skydive after just two days, and Peter almost died on jump 3! We 're here to show you how it went down.

Catfish Noodling with Marion Kincaid

Yep, we went hand fishing, aka grabbling, aka NOODLING. That means we caught giant catfish underwater with our bare hands. You really do stick your arm in a watery dark hole and wait for a giant catfish to attack you. Then, the real adventure begins. Wrestling that sucker out of the hole is an adrenaline rush you can't imagine until you do it!

Groove Life Product Adventure is on Prime Video

Go ahead and grab a huge bowl of popcorn and a few sodas because you won’t be able to resist binge-watching this whole season once you get started! That feeling of learning from the pros is unforgettable, and now you get to experience it, too.

And the best part? The whole season is FREE with an Amazon Prime membership!

If you’re itchin’ to quit reading and start watching, click right HERE to start adventuring with us.

Keep Groovin’!

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