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Ride On: At The Track With Collin Bria

Ride On: At The Track With Collin Bria

Posted by Starla Gunter on

We caught up with Collin Bria, Laser Engraver & Production Technician at Groove Life, to learn all about his recent adventure trip to the track. We love inspiring adventures, especially in the lives of our employees.

Check out what made this trip the most memorable for him and where he is headed next, and don’t miss the video below for some exclusive footage of Collin in action!

GL: Where did you go for your adventure trip?

CB: I went out to California by myself, to Streets of Willow Springs, a track out in the desert.

GL: What did you do there? What did your trip entail?

CB: For two full days, I whipped around a track on 200+ horsepower BMW motorcycles, going well over 130mph. It was insane! I also had the chance to get professionally coached on riding, which included everything from my body position on the bike, to proper braking techniques, how to read a track, countering steering and styling light on the handlebars, and so much more. We’re talking three books worth of lessons and hundreds of drills. I learned so much!

GL: What inspired you to take this trip? What was the most memorable moment?

CB: Being very interested in motorcycle racing, I found a group called CSS that helped me learn and inspired me to go on this trip. They have been amazing! The most memorable part of the trip was jumping all over the place in the bikes, passing people, dragging knee, and having coaches that actually care about my progress.

GL: Awesome, Collin! What’s next on your adventure bucket list?

CB: I’d love to ride every major race track on my own motorcycle. That would be amazing!

We can’t wait to hear all about it, Collin! Keep Groovin’.

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