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The Best Samsung Watch Band!

The Best Samsung Watch Band!

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Are you experiencing sweat rashes and smelly wrists because you can’t find a breathable watch band to fit your Samsung Watch? Yikes, that sounds rough.

No worries, though! We’ve fixed that problem.

Introducing the brand new Samsung Watch Band. Breathable and comfortable, it is designed to show all other watch bands around town who’s boss.

Why is it the best Samsung Watch Band on the market?

samsung breathable watch band

We’re glad you asked! We put a lot of time into designing our products and make sure your skin can stay dry and rash free while you’re wearing our silicone rings and watch bands.

Here’s a little inside look on the quality of our Samsung Watch Bands:

They’re breathable

Designed with a unique “air in, moisture out” technology, these bands keep the air flowing over your skin and the sweat far away. The band also includes an inner arch so it doesn’t lie flat against your skin, trapping moisture.

They’re made to last

The band for your Samsung watch won’t stretch, or fade. It is made to withstand the adventures you dream of, while staying the same quality as the day you bought it. If it does break or if you lose it, we have a 94-Year No BS Warranty to cover it! Keep reading below to learn more.

breathable watch band grooves

They’re totally cool

Most watch bands are boring. Our watch bands are designed to reflect your personality in a unique way! From solids and patterns to dimension engravings, we have a Samsung gear watch band to fit the vibe you’re looking for!

But hey, don’t take our word for it! Check them out for yourself or take a look at our Instagram to see some big-name influencers who are lovin’ the Groove Life!

They come in two sizes

Are you looking for a Samsung Galaxy watch band? We’ve got it! In fact, as long as you aren’t looking for a watch band for your Samsung tablet (ha!), we’ve got a fit for you. Visit our website to see the size options that are currently available.

Are you ready to grab yourself a watch band yet? Head over to our main page to start shopping!

What if it breaks?

If you’re investing in a quality product, you want to make sure it will last, right? Our Groove Rings and Watch Bands are a worry-free investment because we cover them no matter what! Whether your watch band ripped in half in a catfish’s mouth while you were noodling, or fell 1,000 feet during a skydiving adventure, we’ll cover it with our 94-Year No BS Warranty.

What if I don’t have a Samsung watch, but I need a breathable silicone watch band?

Do you need a watch band for your Apple Watch or Fitbit? We have those, too! Click here to see all of the Groove Life watch band options.

What is Groove Life?

Groove Life breathable watch bands and silicone rings

Groove Life is way more than a brand! If we were only here to create watch bands, we’d be bored out of our minds. We exist to equip adventurers with the gear they need to be able to live life to the max! If you’re out there snowboarding, mountain climbing, or bull riding (check out our YouTube channel for info on that):

  1. You are AWESOME!!
  2. You need a watch band and ring that can keep up with your active lifestyle.
  3. That’s why we’re here.

Groove Life was born in the mind of an adventurer, out exploring the bush of Alaska. Peter Goodwin saw a need for a silicone ring that was breathable and safe, so he designed one right in his garage. Just a few years later, Groove Life is the leading brand of silicone rings and watch bands for adventurers, with more exciting plans in store!

Want more info on our rings? Click this link right here to see what we’ve got!

Keep Groovin'!

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