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Introducing the New Groove Wallet™

Introducing the New Groove Wallet

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

The best thing you'll pull out of your pocket all year.

Say hello to the baddest, thinnest wallet in its class. This minimalist wallet is built to protect your stuff and outlast the competition.

#1 Wallet campaign in Kickstarter history!

The Groove Wallet™ is designed to comfortably hold up to six (6) cards and still maintain a low profile. It’s still the sleekest wallet you’ve ever held, giving you that minimalist look and feel.

You can get it in any color you like, so long as it’s Midnight Black or Gun Metal.

You never have to worry about your cards falling out. With our advanced sliding front plate, the Groove Wallet™ gives you the security of the latest technology.

Just push up on the front plate and it activates a swing arm which then displays your six cards.

You’ll be rewarded with a satisfying kaaaschink as the all-metal internals effortlessly slide those cards out. Do it again and again. All done? Just push them back down. Simple.

Finally, a wallet for a man that won't break his backside.

This is a ‘front-pocket’ wallet. We call it ‘spine-friendly’. Avoid irreversible damage to your backside by keeping this puppy up front.

Your cards are now safe no matter where you go. Avoid unauthorized and unwanted scanning of your credit cards with our outer aluminum shell, designed to deflect RFID, radio frequency identification technology.

The Groove Wallet™ is a tough wallet for hard-charging men.

Get him the Groove Wallet™.

Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™.

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