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The Biggest Product Flop in Groove's History

The Biggest Product Flop in Groove's History

Posted by Peter Goodwin on

Our Screw Up

“Let’s make an amazing shirt with a great story and not tell any of our customers what we are doing and ask them to buy it 5 times in annoying emails over a 3 day period.”

This is the conversation we didn’t have but it’s pretty much what we did.

First off, I’m sorry!  My name is Peter, founder here at Groove and frankly, I am pissed that we screwed this up so bad.  

 Not about the sales part but about the annoying you part.  You see, I had this great idea to add T-shirts to our line up.  

 I didn’t want to add just any ol’ branded T-shirt to our store.  This shirt needed to mean something...

 I moved to Nashville from Alaska recently, and honestly, I'm missing the wild terribly.  I designed these shirts to remind me of places I’ve been or places I want to go in the future.

Sort of a reminder to get out and adventure even if it's a little harder living in a large city.  


Attacked By A Bear (Almost)

The first idea revolved around this bear (almost) attack I had in Alaska a few years back.   

Bear Topo Topography Map shirt

I started guiding, fishing, hunting and adventure trips in Alaska when I was 19.  I was an adventure junkie and Alaska was the pinnacle of adventure. Anyway, more on that in another post.  

So I am guiding a group of hikers near a glacier lake in Denali National Park back in 2012.  Things are going great and we are having a great time camping, hiking and exploring on one of my 7-day tours.  

On day 3 one of the clients spotted a grizzly bear across the basin.  I wasn’t concerned as encounters with bears are common. We sat down to observe the bear and watched it work its way down the basin and into the creek.  I started to grow a little more concerned when the bear started charging directly at us.

bear charge

A false charge is a charge where the bear stops at the last second.  The problem is that you don’t know if it’s going to be a false charge or not.  

The protocol in this situation is to stand close together, make yourself appear large by raising your hands and talking loudly.  I told the group in a stern voice, “stand your ground no matter what.”

Thankfully the bear stopped, chomped its jaws and started to back up.  As we started backing up he suddenly lunged forward and grabbed one of the packs we had left on the ground.

He grabbed it, turned around, and trotted 25 yds away before starting to rip it open. The pack distracted the bear long enough for us to clear the area and move out of the basin.  


Good Memories ...

Honestly, as dangerous as that situation was I have extremely fond memories of it. Why?

First, it was exhilarating for me and my clients.   You haven’t felt adrenaline until you are charged by a bear.  I have been charged many times in Alaska but typically it is brown bears and it's over fish or territory.  A grizzly, in my opinion, is much more dangerous than a brown bear but again that’s for another post.

Secondly, the memory of this encounter reminds me there are still VERY WILD places left out there!  In my current world of traffic and suburbia, it’s a wonderful thought knowing not all places have been tamed by man.

Third, it's just a reminder of the good ol’ days.  Sixteen years of guiding trips all over Alaska was an amazing time and I made a lot of great memories.

So there you go!  That’s why I love this bear design.  The topo lines in the bear are from where the encounter took place.  

So if you have had encounters with grizzlies or you desire to go somewhere to see them in the future this shirt hopefully means something to you.  

There are a lot of other designs and all with great stories from our staff here at Groove.  

Thanks guys and sorry again for sending “buy buy buy” type emails.  

I would love to know your thoughts on the designs and welcome any changes or suggestions.  Please comment below.

If you guys want to connect just hit me up on Instagram. I post about my adventures, family and business.  


Keep Groovin!  


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