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The Groove Wallet™: How It All Began

The Groove Wallet™: How It All Began

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Two years ago, our founder Peter Goodwin had the idea to innovate on something he carried everyday – the wallet.

The minimalist wallet solved a lot of problems, but to Peter, none of them met our standards here at Groove Life®. From clunky, ineffective mechanisms to cheap materials and inferior quality, he knew we could come up with something better. 

A Faulty Phone Case

Prior to creating the Groove Wallet™, Peter carried a phone case with an attachable sleeve for his cards and cash. (Did you know the phone case was initially our next product idea?)

What Peter found, however, was that the case was too bulky and he had little need to carry more than a handful of cards. To add, the product just didn’t feel very “Groove.”

Research and our Groove fans voicing their desires are what solidified the decision to make a Groove Wallet. Now that the old, grandpa-style wallet has been around for centuries, the minimalist wallets have taken hold of the market. Everyone wants one!

The problem with other minimalist wallets is that they’re cheap and they’re not intuitive. They didn’t function the way we wanted them to. So we set out to create the best wallet out there.



The Minimalist in Mind

Peter was passionate about creating a minimalist wallet that could fit easily into your front pocket. The thing is, we didn’t want to create a wallet just to create one. It had to meet our Groove criteria. It had to be high quality, using premium materials, with an ultra low profile. And most of all, it had to be backed by our warranty. 

Our product development team went through rounds of concepts in the making of the final, superior product. There were multiple iterations on how the cards in the wallet were accessed and a lot of refining mechanisms to fit everything we carry in a wallet into a small, compact profile, reducing overall thickness.

And well, after two years in the making, the Groove Wallet was born.

Why It’s Superior

With the Groove Wallet, you get super easy access to your cards, with the natural motion of a single-thumb swipe. You get a wallet constructed of machined aluminum, more durable and more premium than any other wallet out there. You get space for up to 6 cards (plus 3 with our premium leather attachment), which we found is perfect for minimalist users. (Besides, who really needs more than 6 cards with them at once?)

It’s the most innovative wallet ever. So what are you waiting for? 

Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™.

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