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The Perfect Ring For: The Mechanic & The Electrician

The Perfect Ring For: The Mechanic & The Electrician

Posted by Starla Gunter on

If you’re an auto mechanic who works in a garage all day or an electrician who regularly navigates electrical currents, the last thing you want is a potentially hazardous metal ring on your finger.

Lucky for you, the Groove Ring® is the perfect solution when you want to keep your ring on and stay safe on the job.

Our flexible yet durable silicone rings are the best metal ring alternative whether you’re up to your elbows in grease or working in a high voltage situation. Trust us, it’s the safer, cheaper, and most risk-averse option you’ll find.

Let us prove it.

Power Is Out

This is one time when we don’t want the power to be on. Did you know that your metal ring, whether it’s gold, silver, or platinum, is a target for electrical currents?

The last thing we want is for you to endure a life-threatening electrocution. I mean, don’t you want to reserve your electricity for those special moments between you and your significant other?

Our silicone rings are 100% non-conductive and won’t transfer heat or electricity, keeping you and your finger safe from harm.

Wax On, Wax Off

Any time you find yourself working with your hands, you’re bound to get a little dirty. If you’re a mechanic, your hands are likely carrying a regular coating of grime, oil, and grease. And it’s a hassle to have to clean that metal ring you’re used to wearing.

Well, guess what? Silicone rings are about the easiest things ever to clean. Not only will that dirt and grime not stick to your ring, but it will easily wipe away with a little bit of mild soap and water. 

So all that elbow grease can be reserved for your 9-to-5.

No More Pinching Pennies

Yeah, we know, your wedding ring is a looker. And it probably cost you a pretty penny to purchase. So why risk having to replace it in the event of a finger-related accident?

Our silicone rings are more affordable than even the thought of having to replace your metal ring, so get one or get a few. You’ll love the variety of colors, designs, and styles of silicone rings we offer.

Plus, they’re more durable and more able to endure all of those scratches, pokes, prods, and wear and tear that you’re likely to endure on the job.

Whether you’re working on cars or with electrical wires, our Groove Ring is the accessory you need to be able to do it all without worry of what’s happening to your ring.

Plus, we backed it all with our 94-year No BS warranty. So, even if the worst happens and you damage or break your ring, we’ll replace it for free. That’s something you won’t get with that metal ring of yours. 

What are you waiting for? Shop now!

Groove Life®. Ready for Adventure™. 

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