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The Sky's The Limit: Skydiving With Our CMO

The Sky's The Limit: Skydiving With Our CMO

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Have you ever had a moment of courage? Maybe it was a time you thought, “I can’t do this,” but then…you just did. The rest of the world seemed to disappear as you took a leap of faith and now you have a story to tell.

For our Chief Marketing Officer Kyle Yeoman, his moment of courage happened in the middle of nowhere.

Kyle contemplated going skydiving for several years, but had always talked himself out of it. In a moment of courage, he drove over an hour away to the small town of Waverly, Tennessee and arrived at Music City Skydiving with a whole lot of fear, but ready to take on what was to come.

According to Kyle, the waiver, training, and pre-boarding process flew by and, before he knew it, he was jumping aboard a tiny plane and heading skyward. 

14,000 feet. The height that people jump out of airplanes.

Kyle said the flight up was the most nerve-wracking. “You’re in your head the whole time, trying to think of a way out. But then you realize the only way down is to jump.”

When the time came for Kyle to jump with his instructor, his heart pounded. "It was an exercise in being comfortable with being out of control.”

Before he knew it, he was harnessed to his instructor, given a quick countdown, and hurled out of the plane into the atmosphere.


Kyle said the 60-second freefall felt like 30 seconds, and the subsequent minute-and-a-half parachute drift to the ground flew by faster than he could believe. 

He said the whole process was the most exhilarating experience of his life. His fear of detaching from his instructor or the parachute failing to launch didn’t matter once he took that leap.

His advice? “Do the things that scare you, because they usually end up being the most fun.”

What scares you? What will your moment of courage look like?

Go do the thing, face your fear, and walk away with a story to tell. And then go tell everyone you can, and inspire them to go find their own adventure. You could say it’s the cycle of adventure, and we’re here for it.

Also, did you notice the Zeus Edge Tundra Ring that Kyle was sporting? Our Zeus rings are perfect for everyday and pretty much any adventure you could think or dream of. Get yours below!

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