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Top 10 Best Everyday Carry Knives

Top 10 Best Everyday Carry Knives

Posted by Ryan Skidmore on

You know how important it is to be prepared for different situations you might find yourself in. That means having the tools you need on hand to deal with whatever comes up. Few tools you include in your everyday carry essentials are likely to see quite as much use as a quality knife will. A good everyday carry knife is a real investment that can last for years and see you through a host of tough spots. But what are the best everyday carry knives?


1. Zero Tolerance 0095BW Titanium Flipper Knife

Appearances aren’t deceiving with this flipper knife. It’s just as tough and reliable as it looks. The titanium handle lightens the load a little, while the harpoon-style steel blade is capable of maintaining its edge for some time. It also features a KVT ball bearing deployment system for smooth, fast opening, and a titanium frame lock and hardened lock bar that keeps the blade secure while you’re using it. It boasts a reversible pocket clip, so it’s a good choice for both people who are right handed and left handed.

2. Benchmade EDC 940

This knife looks less rugged, but it’s still a solid, reliable knife. The tanto-style blade balances practical usability with the option to use it for self defense if necessary. The handle is aluminum, which helps keep it light. It’s got a sleek, slim design that is matched by how smoothly it can open and close. The AXIS lock on this knife makes it ambidextrous. 

3. Zero Tolerance 0566BW Flipper Knife

Featuring a drop-point blade, this Zero Tolerance flipper knife comes in a black wash, which means it’s not going to reflect light as much. That can really come in handy if you need to pull out your knife in a deer or other hunting blind. It’s also quite tough, durable, and resists weathering well. It features a SpeedSafe open assist and a pocket clip that can orient your knife point up or down, and for right or left handed use.

4. Cold Steel Recon 1 Tactical Knife

Another drop-point blade, this tactical knife features a black teflon coating that helps it slide through what it cuts. It’s a pretty hefty knife, coming in at 5.2 oz with a 4 inch blade. It’s durable, and the length of the blade helps it easily cut through rope, webbing, and seatbelts. You can easily open it with one hand by flicking your wrist. The plastic handle isn’t as strong as some of the other everyday carry knives on this list, but it’s still sturdy and won’t imprint on your pants.

5. Spyder Co ParaMilitary 2

Some people are obsessed with Spyder Co knives. With this knife, you get superior durability and edge-holding ability, plus the option to make it a keychain knife. You’ll need to know how to sharpen CPM-S30V steel if you choose this blade, which can make it a little tougher to maintain, but the strength can be worth the effort. Spyder Co blades feature a hole for opening the knife with one hand, which can be a bit of a dividing point for their knives.

6. CRKT Delilah’s P.E.C.K

If you’re looking for a keychain knife, this one is definitely worth considering. Weighing in at under an ounce, it’s quite lightweight and is 2.625 inches when closed, so it’s not going to take up a lot of space. It’s also strong enough to handle everyday cutting tasks, making it a good option for lighter use.

7. Tops Covert Anti Terrorism #203 Knife

If military and law enforcement are carrying it, you know it’s going to be a good knife. This knife features a black-coated tanto blade. It’s pretty concealable and versatile. With a G10 handle, it’s tough as well as being easy to use and maintain.

8. Kershaw Cryo II

Another knife that looks rugged, the Cryo II balances beauty and functionality quite well. Its drop point is protected by a stainless steel handle when closed. It features a SpeedSafe assisted opening mechanism, though you also have the option of using the thumb stud.

9. Benchmade Griptilian 551

One of Benchmade’s best-selling knives, this knife is heavier than the other Benchmade knife previously listed. This one has a drop-point blade and is made to be able to hold an edge while withstanding general everyday abuse. The grip is one of the things that sets this knife apart. It’s got a fiberglass G10 handle that makes it lightweight, yet tough. Ambidextrous in design, this knife also comes in a smaller mini version, which may offer more appeal as an everyday carry knife.

10. Schrade SCHA5B M.A.G.I.C. Folding Knife

Anyone who wants an everyday carry knife that looks as cool as the name makes it sound should definitely check out this knife. This black bladed, black handled, angled knife features ambidextrous thumb knobs, a lanyard hole, a pocket clip, and a safety lock on the handle to prevent you from accidentally shutting it on your fingers.

So there you have it - a list of some of the best everyday carry knives out there. While these knives are undoubtedly a great blend of functional and cool, it’s still important to remember that these tools have the potential to be dangerous. Make sure you always treat knives with respect and handle them with care, and don’t forget to check your state’s laws to make sure that you’re legally allowed to own your chosen knife. Remember, laws and regulations vary by state, both in regards to openly carrying and concealed carry.

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