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Top 10 Workouts for Kids

Top 10 Workouts for Kids

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Adults aren’t the only ones who need daily exercise. Kids do too, but it doesn’t have to be boring. There are plenty of fun ways to keep your kids active while capturing their attention in a way that might even let you have a few minutes to yourself. 

Did you know that kids, ages 5-18, need an average of 60 minute of moderate-intensity activity per day? When you need to add a few more active moments to your kids’ daily schedule, press play on one of the fun workout videos below. They will love these easy-to-follow and attention-capturing routines!

1. Beginner Workout

For kids who are new to guided workouts, check out this quick and easy routine that’ll keep their attention and get their bodies moving. (Duration: 16 minutes)

2. Five-Minute Moves

This efficient workout is perfect for those few minutes you need to distract your little ones while you step away for a few moments, or simply need to give them a short break from homework. (Duration: 5 minutes)

3. Shooting Webs With Spiderman

Your kiddos will love this superhero-themed workout with Spiderman. These moves will replicate scaling walls, shooting webs, and crouching low to avoid the bad guys. Get your kids in on the adventure with this fun workout. (Duration: 8 minutes)

4. Magical Moves With Elsa

If your kids haven’t jumped on the Frozen train yet, they will after this winter-inspired workout with Elsa. This new workout, featuring Elsa Blasts and Sven Squats among other moves, will take your kids through the training routine Elsa uses to control her magical powers. Your kids will love it! (Duration: 8 minutes)

5. Save the City With Batman

Partner with one of the world’s most iconic superheroes in this quick workout led by none other than Batman himself. Your little ones will be in on the mission to save Gotham City in this 5-minute routine, perfect for fitting in after school or during playtime. (Duration: 5 minutes)

6. Partner With Paw Patrol

This routine is one you can do right alongside your kiddos! For every 30 seconds, you and your kiddo will choose your favorite Paw Patrol character to move along with for that 30 seconds. For the next 30 seconds, you can both stay where you are or switch sides. Your kiddos will love having you join them for this quick 6-minute blast. (Duration: 7 minutes)

7. Dance It Out With KidzBop

Dance along to some of the most popular pop songs with this longer choreographed workout from KidzBop. Your kids will love learning new moves and practicing their dancing skills with this one. Plus, this routine will definitely get their heart rate up! (Duration: 34 minutes)

8. Beat Boredom With Baby Shark

This easy-to-follow workout is perfect for your little ones who love the Baby Shark song. The moves are easy to learn, yet challenging, and the timer in the bottom right-hand corner will keep your kiddos motivated to finish out each 20 second-long exercise. Each move is also followed by a simple 10-second stretch. Simply press play and encourage them to get moving! (Duration: 11 minutes)

9. Relax With Rainbow Yoga

Your kiddos will love this low-key yoga routine by Yoga With Adriene. This Rainbow yoga class is colorful and cheerful and fun for your kids to follow along with. They’re sure to be more flexible after this workout. (Duration: 17 minutes)

10. Animal Yoga

Kids will flex and move like their favorite animals in this unique and energizing Animal Yoga routine. Not only will they stretch their body and mind, but they’ll strengthen their muscles without even realizing it. They’ll love this one! (Duration: 6 minutes)

The best way to get kids interested in exercise is to make it fun. With each of these themed workouts, kids will have a blast moving and dancing along with their favorite characters and superheroes. You'll never have to beg them to do one of these attention-capturing workouts. 

Keep Groovin'.

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