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Ranking the Bestsellers of 2021

Ranking the Bestsellers of 2021

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Which Groove items have sold the most so far in 2021?

Rings, Belts, or Watch Bands?

Recently we did a little research to find out. While we weren’t completely surprised by the results, we did discover a few items selling much better than we thought.

Sales are also a way for customers to vote. Here are the results of the vote so far for 2021. (We’ll spare you the pie chart.)

Here are the Top 5 in descending order:

#5 | Nomad Burled Walnut Ring
This ring surprised us. I mean, we knew you liked wood and all, but on your finger? Well, okay!

Truth is, it’s been a best seller since we launched the Nomad line of rings.

Walnut is one of the toughest hardwoods that offers a beautiful wood grain marbling. Kinda makes you want to build a cabin by yourself off the grid in Alaska.

Behold! The Nomad Burled Walnut Ring!

nomad burled walnut ring

#4 | Vulcan Watch Bands

The next best selling product turns out to be our premium Vulcan Watch Bands.

Leather on the outside, silicone on the inside, kinda like the terminator.

These are truly the world’s best hybrid watch bands.
vulcan watch band

#3 | Katie Van Slyke Signature Collection

Katie Van Slyke represents what we love about the modern woman of adventure.

Her beautiful lineup of curated rings and watch bands continue to appeal to women everywhere.

Her latest creations, the Unbridled stackable rings and the new Home on the Ranch ring, have received a warm welcome this fall.

unbridled katie van slyke signature ring

#2 | The Zeus Step Midnight Black Ring 

Seeing the Zeus ring continue to sell well was no surprise to us.

We were just surprised it wasn’t in the number one position.

Zeus is our strongest, most reliable silicone ring. Period. We call it the king of all rings. Our customers love it for its reliability, flexibility and rugged good looks.

And Midnight Black is far and away your favorite color.

When you wear Zeus, you’re wearing the best.
zeus midnight black

#1 | Black belt with Black buckle

As Gomer Pyle once said, “Su-prise, su-prise.”

Released only a year ago, the new Groove Belt™ has skyrocketed into first place on the Groove charts and into the hearts of our customers.

We have sold more of these bad boys than any other item in 2021. And for good reason.

What took years of careful development has turned into the king of all tactical belts. Strong. Durable. Low-Profile. Cool buckle. Down right gorgeous. 

Welcome to the undisputed world champion of belts. 

The Belt you never have to adjust.

We call it the toughest belt known to man.

tactical black belts


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