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Treat your Mom this Mother's Day

Treat your Mom this Mother's Day

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

It’s almost Mother’s Day, and possibly one of the most extraordinary Mother’s Days in a long time.

Moms everywhere have gone from incredible to verifiable superheroes. While so much of what we’re used to in our culture is on hold, the job of mothers has been promoted to a crazy level.

Not only are moms doing the morning wake-up calls, rushed breakfast, and bedtime homework and tuck-ins. Now, they are the school teachers, lunchtime cooks, and daycares, some in addition to continuing a full-time remote job from home!

Needless to say, moms deserve a lot of recognition this year.

mothers day flowers

If you’d like to celebrate your mom in style this year but aren’t sure what to do now that all of the local Mother’s Day brunch options are canceled, don’t worry. We have a whole list of Mother’s Day gift ideas, Groove Life style, to treat your special mom to the attention she has earned.

For this mother’s day, we’re offering a much-needed “thank you” to the many moms across the world, by honoring our favorite “surviving social distancing” mom types and matching each one with the Groove Ring that she would love most! And for those of you who are wondering, “when is Mother’s Day again?” We’ve got your back. Sunday, May 10th, and it’s coming up fast, so now’s the time to start planning ahead.

What is a Groove Ring?

Before we start, you should probably know that a Groove Ring is a silicone, breathable ring that is designed for anyone who likes to live life to the fullest. Whether your adventure looks like climbing the Alps, working as a nurse, or thriving as a stay-at-home mom, you need a ring that can stick with you through thick and thin without wearing out. Our rings include a breathable technology that allows air in and keeps moisture out, keeping your finger comfortable and rash-free. 

Groove Rings are the perfect choice for moms because they’re comfortable, casual, (if you’re not leaving the house, there’s no need for something fancy!), and totally cute (moms still like to dress up and have nice things). Plus, it will keep her fancy wedding ring nice for the post-social-distancing days ahead when she can show it off to the world again!

Now that we’ve gotten introductions out of the way, let’s start celebrating moms!

aspire bohemian silicone rings

The mom who decided to let nature be the classroom

The safest place to be is the backyard, right? This mom will have the kids playing outside - possibly even locked out - sunup to sundown “for their health” *wink*. Meanwhile, she sips a glass of wine in her comfiest mom jeans and watches The Tiger King, or does a little backyard yoga for hers. Our beautiful, nature-celebrating, Aspire Tuscan Sun ring is the perfect choice for this mom!

The mom who is dedicated to homeschooling

All the kids in the house are going to have to sit up straight and mind their manners with this mom because, in her mind, homework is second to nothing. She may have set up an entire classroom in the living room, and will probably be checking your work every fifteen minutes to make sure you’re on the ball. This mom will love our bright, solid rings. They’re classy, straightforward, and go with everything. Or, she might even like a watch band to help her keep time, and keep YOU on track.

The mom who declared a long, long summer with no school

It’s all fun and games with this mom, because school is just too much work… for her. She’s all for cat-naps, picnics in the backyard, and a game of Twister in the living room. If everyone is home, it’s time to party. This mom needs a leopard print ring or watch band to show off her happy-go-lucky attitude.

stackable rings

The mom who needs something cute since she's had to stop getting her roots done, she no longer has eyelashes, and her nails look like the dog chewed them.

Long description, but you get the point. This mom has been cutting her own bangs, and she needs a little extra special gift to remind her just how beautiful she is. Give this mom a stackable ring! They’ve got a little extra punch and look totally cute, even on the bad hair days.

The mom who is just thrilled that everyone is home

This mom has all of her kids home from college and is staying busy making food, setting up zoom calls with all of the relatives, and breaking out the ancient board games from days gone by. She’s totally worn out but happy to be spending time with the ones she loves most. This mom would adore the Aspire Winter Rose ring. It’s detailed and beautiful, just like her.

The super cautious mom

You’ll see this mom decking her kids out with masks, and possibly a makeshift germ-free suit made out of trash bags. This mom is going to make sure her kids are safe, no matter what they look like. This mom would probably prefer something practical and secure, like our metallic rings. They have the shiny gleam of metal but, like all of our rings, will break away from the finger if snagged to protect the hand.

zeus thin anti stretch

The athletic mom

She’s not about to let social distancing keep her from staying fit! This mom is completing her WOD sessions in the living room, hoisting weights and making the see-10, do-10 push-up challenge look like a joke. This mom needs a ring that is a little more durable than the rest. Our Thin Zeus Anti-Stretch rings offer the safety Groove rings are known for with a little extra durability to match the wear and tear of the athlete’s lifestyle.

Keep in mind, all of these rings come with a 94-Year No BS Warranty that covers your ring if it’s lost, damaged, or even faded!

If you’re a mom reading this… which mom are you? Share this post with your kids and feel free to include a subtle wish-list hint! After all, you 100% deserve all the love you can get this year.

Keep Groovin’!

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