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Catch Project Adventure by Groove Life - Season 2 on Amazon Prime!

Catch Project Adventure by Groove Life - Season 2 on Amazon Prime!

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Are you up for a crazy adventure?

If you know anything about Groove Life, you know we’re ALWAYS up for adventures, the wilder the better! That’s why we created Project Adventure, where we take one YouTube subscriber on an insane trip from NASCAR racing to bull riding!

NASCAR Racing with Jeb Burton

You’ve seen some of our stunts on YouTube? Well, we’re taking them to the next level for Amazon Prime! We’ve extended each episode to 30 minutes, adding more in-depth content and behind-the-scenes footage! Last year we launched Season 1 with four wild episodes: Catfish Noodling, NASCAR Racing, Bull Riding, and Skydiving. Now we’re launching Season 2 with four all new episodes! Plus, you can even win $150 just for watching. Click here to enter.

“Adventure is essential for a full life, but most people think they’re too busy or too broke to do anything about it. WRONG!” -- Peter Goodwin


Swimming with Sharks with Shark Addicts

Most people prefer to have a long-distance relationship with sharks. Not us! We took a guy named Kevin on a trip out to Jupiter, Florida where he got to know a few sharks up-close and personal. Cageless Shark Diving? REALLY? Watch this episode to find out! Or, if you'd like to learn how you can go shark diving, check out our Swimming with Sharks Ultimate Guide.

Swimming with Sharks

Wing Walking in Washington

Have you ever dreamed of soaring through the air on the wing of a plane? Like… literally? Out in Sequim, Washington, they call that Wing Walking! We may have screamed “I’m flying, Jack!” while standing on the top of a plane, arms outstretched, soaring UPSIDE DOWN. Check out the madness here.

Wing Walking in Washington

Snowmobiling in Alaska

If you think skiing is fun, you should get out there and try snowmobiling on glaciers in Valdez, Alaska! Chuck had never seen more than 6 inches of snow in his life. Two days later, he’s jumping a 700lb snowmobile, trained by 6-time X Games medalist Cory Davis. Get a piece of the action here.

Snowmobiling in Alaska

Powered Paragliding with Aviator

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… what the heck is THAT? If you’re looking at what seems to be a flying person with a giant fan strapped to their rear end, you’re looking at a Powered Paraglider! We took Gunter, a former military helicopter pilot, back to the skies to learn a whole new way to fly! See what’s up, hereIf you want to find out how you can go Powered Paragliding yourself, browse our PPG Ultimate Guide.

Powered Paragliding with Aviator

If you liked Season 2 of Project Adventure, you can find tons of adventure videos on our YouTube channel! If you run across one you like, feel free to share it on Facebook! The more love of adventure out there in this work-from-home world, the better!

Now that you’re all fired up and ready for adventure, get out there and live one of your own! Remember, it doesn’t have to be expensive and it doesn’t have to take a ton of time. Start by hiking in the woods and work your way up to doing the moonwalk in the sky on the top of a plane! The sky’s the limit, so dream big and start small. You’ve got this!

Groove Rings

Psst… just don’t forget to protect your finger. You don’t want it to get ripped off while you’re on an adventure. Talk about unforgettable! Wear a Groove Ring to keep your finger where it belongs and look cool doin’ it.

Keep Groovin’!

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