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We Like the Way You Wordle: The Spinoffs You Don’t Want to Miss

We Like the Way You Wordle: The Spinoffs You Don’t Want to Miss

Posted by Starla Gunter on

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ve jumped aboard the Wordle train. This popular word game has quickly made its way into the lives of millions around the world, becoming the perfect game to play while drinking our morning cup of caffeine.

This simple three-minute game involves guessing a five-letter word, a different one each day. With each of your six guesses, it’s revealed through green, yellow, or gray tiles if the letters you guessed are in the word of the day, in the wrong letter position, or not in the word at all. 

We’ve been amazed at how something so simple has enraptured the world in a matter of months. But what has baffled us even more is how many people are taking Wordle’s charm and creating their own version of this quick, yet addictive puzzle.

So if you’ve mastered Wordle or you’re just looking for a little something extra, check out these other fun, brain teasers.


Put on your thinking cap for this one. Quordle is like Wordle multiplied by four, literally. Does that mean it’s four times as hard? Well, you tell us.

With this Worlde-like game, you’re trying to guess four five-letter words all at once. And unfortunately, not one at a time. You get nine guesses total to solve all four words correctly. Similar to Wordle, the game will tell you when you have guessed a correct letter, helping you get that much closer to the correct words.

Unlike Wordle, this one requires a little extra strategy to ensure you don’t throw away all your guesses on one word. Plus, this game has two playing modes – one daily puzzle or unlimited practice puzzles. 

So if you’re feeling bored or need a little extra something after completing your daily Wordle, head on over to Quordle for a more challenging, yet equally gratifying puzzle.


Add one additional letter to Wordle and you’ve got a geography-inspired puzzle where you’re given six guesses to solve the country of the day. All you’re given is the solid outline of the country or nation, as if it were cut out of a world map.

Each guess will lead you closer to the place on the map where the country lies. Instead of getting green or yellow tiles like Wordle, Worldle will give you a percentage and a cardinal direction, signaling how close to the right country you are on a map and in which direction to look. So if you’ve got a world map on you, it’ll be just like a scavenger hunt. And if not, test out your memory or refer to ol’ reliable. (Google, silly.)

Have a blast testing your geography skills with Worldle. And if you flunked Geography class in school, check out our next option!


If words or geography just aren’t your thing, try out this numerical version of Wordle. Nerdle will have you guessing the math equation of the day. The trick is you have to guess an actual equation that computes. No 1+2=4 nonsense.

But trust us, even if you’re not a math wiz, you can still ace this game. Some say it’s even easier than Wordle because instead of having 26 variables to scramble, you only have 15. And the calculations are easy. No long division or algebraic equations here.

So get calculating with our new favorite numbers game, Nerdle. Even if you have to use a calculator along the way, we promise we won’t tell!


We bet this is one you haven’t heard of. This puzzle is a mixture of wit and common sense. In order to solve this one, you must think of the exact combination of silicone rings, watch bands, belts, and AirPods cases to perfectly match your lifestyle. 

Got ‘ya!

No, this one isn’t actually a game. (Though, we’ll consider adding it to the pipeline.) 

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With our comfortable, flexible, breathable outdoors-inspired gear, you’ll be all set for adventure, whether that’s on the trail, in the boardroom, or on your phone as you master one of these quick and easily-addictive games.

Keep gamin’ and Keep Groovin’.

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