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What is a Promise Ring?

What is a Promise Ring?

Posted by Joel Kneedler on

Promise rings are as popular today as they have ever been. But why? What is the significance of a promise ring and why do couples give them to each other

Here we provide a few answers to the age-old questions about promise rings.

What is a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring one partner gives to another as a sign of commitment. Typically, the promise ring is a modest, stylish ring worn on any finger as a symbol of love and dedication.

How do Promise Rings work?

Promise rings serve as a kind of pre-engagement ring. Many people still plan to buy and give an official engagement ring after the promise ring. The promise ring serves as a symbol and a reminder of a commitment.

How should I give a Promise Ring?

A promise ring can be given when someone is willing to make a pledge to another person. 

Many people wait for a special moment to give a promise ring, like after a nice dinner, or on a  vacation, or when friends and family are gathered around. There is no right way to give a promise ring, but it is a special moment, so make it your own and make it memorable.

What should I say when giving a Promise Ring?

When giving a promise ring it is important to think through what you want to say. By giving a promise ring you are making a statement, so find a way to put that promise into words. Because a promise ring is an expression of trust, love, and commitment, be sure to tell the other person why they are important to you, why you are looking forward to getting married and spending your life together. Be sure to write it out so it makes sense and you don’t forget when the moment comes! If you’re really adventurous, you could also write it out as a poem.

What is the purpose of a Promise Ring?

The purpose of a promise ring is to make a public statement about your mutual commitment to one another. It is a simple way to acknowledge a special person and remind you of your bright future together.

When should I give a Promise Ring?

A Promise Ring should be given after the couple has been together for a significant amount of time. Some say no less than a year is best, but whatever the time frame, both people should be in agreement about taking the next step in your relationship. You need to let the early days of infatuation with each other pass and look for signs of true love and caring for each other. If you offer a Promise Ring too early in the relationship, you could scare off your sweetheart. Make sure the signs are there adn enough time has passed for you to be certain of your commitment to each other.

Do men wear Promise Rings?

Yes, many men wear promise rings. In fact, many celebrity men have been seen wearing promise rings, like Robert Pattison, The Jonas Brothers, and Justin Bieber.

Does Groove Life offer Promise Rings?
Groove Life offers a wide array of silicone rings for men and women that make a great Promise Ring. For women, we carry classy thin options like the Thin Pearl, Thin Rose Quartz, Zeus Thin Midnight Black silicone ring. We also offer beautiful printed rings for women, with various floral patterns available in our Aspire line. One of our more popular rings for women are the Stackable collection, like the Serenity Stackables or the Holly Stackables. 

Can Groove Life personalize my Promise Ring?

Yes! We’ve made it easy for you to personalize your promise ring. Groove Life has a robust customization process and a full-time engraving team waiting to fulfill your order. Look for the customization option on our website. You can print a special date or word or phrase on a Groove Life ring. We have a great selection of fonts and even a monogram option. You can even check out a 3-D rendering of your order before paying. Check it out on our website HERE.

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