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What is the most comfortable leather Apple watch band?

What is the most comfortable leather Apple watch band?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Looking for a watch band that is classy, comfortable, and professional? Yikes… good luck. UNTIL NOW.

You’ve heard the naysayers whisper “you just can’t have everything.” They obviously haven’t heard about our brand new Apple watch band.

It’s leather. It’s breathable. It’s blow-your-mind-awesome.

It’s the Vulcan Leather Watch Band.

And it’s here, rockin' your world like a 1980s mullet to make sure you never have to choose between business (in the front) and party (in the back). In other words, this is the ONLY watch band you will find that is genuine leather AND breathable. You’ll never have to choose comfort over style again. Talk about a win-win!

About the Vulcan Watch Band Line

Crafted from genuine leather, this Apple watch band includes the breathable technology Groove Life products are known for. 

Named after the mythical god of fire, the unique Vulcan look is forged on the anvil of your wrist. In other words, the quality, waxed leather band will wear and soften over time, creating a one-of-a-kind patina texture that is yours alone!

The watch band also includes Groove's innovative inner band created out of medical-grade silicone. It’s the same band you’ll find in our signature silicone rings that you know and love. This band holds the unique, breathable inner grooves that allow air in and moisture out so you never have to endure that sweaty watch rash again. Groove watch bands also include a comfort arch on the inside that reduces skin contact, so the silicone won’t stick to your wrist like a sweaty band-aid. You know what we’re talking about.

With the Vulcan Watch Band, you can head straight from the office to the gym and not worry about trading out your band. Unless you just love the look of these eye-catching options

Vulcan Ascent

The Vulcan Ascent comes in the classic, deep brown leather that screams “I mean business.” If you’re ready to hit every workday with a little extra swagger, the Ascent will never miss. This watch band is for the guy who likes his coffee black and his shirts pressed.

Vulcan Treck

The Vulcan Treck is not a watch band for the faint of heart. True to its name, this lighter tan leather watch band calls to the wild side of its wearer and is a big hit with the ladies. Grab the Treck if you’re into spicy queso, van camping, and backroad backpacking.

Vulcan Obsidian

The Vulcan Obsidian takes leather to a whole new level. Classy yet bold, the solid black watch band showcases the inner c-suite executive. If you love crunching numbers and your go-to food is a rib-eye steak, the Obsidian is the watch band for you. 

The NO BS Warranty

When you invest in quality gear, you want to make sure it will last. After all, you’re not the kind of person to sit back and let life happen to you. You’re the one making life happen! And you need a watch band that can take that kind of use! Here at Groove Life, we back our products with a 94-Year NO BS Warranty. Now that’s an offer you just can’t beat.

About Groove Life

Groove Life was created by adventurers for adventurers. We spend our days designing groundbreaking gear and getting it into your hands. If you like our watch bands, you’ll love our breathable silicone rings and The Groove Belt: the comfiest belt in history. But we’re not just passionate about adventure! If you’d like to learn a little more about what makes us different, check out our mission here.
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