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Where to Hike in the Southeastern USA

Where to Hike in the Southeastern USA

Posted by Groove Life on

From Virginia to Georgia to Florida, there is a hiking trail perfect for your skill level. 

If you live in the Southeastern portion of the country and enjoy hiking, then you have a lot of great hiking options right out your back door.

Nothing says serenity and peace like a nice long hike. It's an excellent, total body exercise that builds endurance and improves cardiovascular health.

Scientific studies show that hiking for just 20 minutes can reduce cortisol stress hormone by more than 13% in your body.

The southeast is filled with trails any avid hiker will enjoy. Here’s the list!

The Huckleberry Trail 

This hiking trail is located in Virginia's New River Valley and connects the towns of Christiansburg and Blacksburg. If you're looking for a hiking trail full of history and unspoiled nature, then check out the Huckleberry Trail.

The Huckleberry name comes from stories of old train passengers getting out and picking huckleberries during stoppages and breakdowns. It's a 15-mile stretch of land with a large pedestrian bridge. The Huckleberry Trail is largely paved with asphalt, making it an excellent option for new hikers, cyclists, and parents with strollers.

The Huckleberry Trail is open year-round and is an excellent place to hike during the fall when the autumn leaves are changing colors. 

Blue Suck Falls Trail

If you're interested in a nice and lengthy trail in Virginia, you owe it to yourself to check out Blue Suck Falls Trail. It's an 8-mile trail that will put your body to the test.

This Virginia trail is situated in Douthat State Park, about 50 miles north of Roanoke, VA. In addition to the Blue Suck Trail, there are more than 40 miles of hiking trails in the park, along with options for fishing, mountain biking, swimming, and cabin rentals.

Grandfather Mountain

The Linville area of North Carolina is home to Grandfather Mountain. It's a lush and scenic structure that is part of the Blue Ridge Mountain range.

This mountain is home to the Mile High Swinging Bridge, which is one of its key attractions. This stretch of hiking trails spans 12 miles, and the park is open year-round.

When comparing hiking trail lengths, you'll appreciate the level of difficulty that this offering brings.

Amicalola Falls State Park

This Northern Georgia hiking hotspot features breathtaking views and unspoiled nature. With the North Georgia Mountains as its backdrop, Amicalola Falls State Park is only 8 miles from the Appalachian Mountains.

The land has deep historical significance. Many of the names and artifacts came about from Native American civilizations throughout important points in history. 

This is a tourist-heavy hiking area, featuring plenty of cabins and resorts that are great for the whole family. Most notably, Amicalola Falls State Park has a stunning 700-foot waterfall.

Blood Mountain Loop

Speaking of Georgia, the Blood Mountain Loop hiking trail is a 6-mile stretch of the east coast's Appalachian Trail. This portion of the trail is situated in Northern Georgia and has a summit that overlooks the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.

The climate is warm and humid, with cool falls and winters. It's an excellent spot for an all-day backpacking trip and picnic and has everything that you'll enjoy on a hike.

Laurel Falls Trail

The Laurel Falls Trail is located in Sevier County, Tennessee, and features an elevation change of more than 1,800 feet.

It's a trail with moderate difficulty, which means that you'll get an excellent workout. Laurel Falls Trail also features a waterfall that you can take in, making it one of the most photogenic southeastern hiking trails you have access to.

Ocala National Forest

Welcome to Florida! Ocala National Forest is one of the best destinations when you'd like to get a great hike in. The year-round warm weather makes it an excellent place for any outdoor enthusiast to spend time.

This is one of the oldest national forests in the United States and has plenty of trails for hiking and backpacking. The land in this forest spans a massive 72 miles. It features trailheads at different points, including Hopkins Prairie, Alexander Springs, Kerr Island, and Buckman Lock.

Along the way, there are several stops that let you enjoy activities like swimming and paddling. Experienced and novice hikers from all over travel to Ocala National Forest to take in the sights and amenities.

Everglades National Park

Hiking in Florida, however, doesn't get much better than Everglades National Park. This park is home to several hiking opportunities, such as the Mahogany Hammock Trail, Bear Lake Trail, Gumbo Limbo Trail, and West Lake Trail.

You'll appreciate the tropical climate of the forest along with the many different wildlife species year-round. The trails vary in length. Some are about a half-mile long, while some trails are more than 5 miles.

Your Guide to Hiking in Southeastern USA

Whether you're planning a warm-weather hiking trip or want to see the leaves change during the fall, the Southeast is where you want to be.

We could only cover a handful of trails and locations in this post, but there are many, many more available.

Going on extensive hikes will help you keep your blood pressure low, build a healthy heart, and produce positive endorphins. It's great for your cognitive health and an amazing way to get sunshine and fresh air.

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