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Which men's belt should you wear with jeans?

Which men's belt should you wear with jeans?

Posted by Laura Ulveling on

Before we get into the nitty gritty, we’re just going to tell you right now, we hate bad belts. Some dig into all the wrong places and are a huge hassle to buckle while others fold in half in the back and just aren’t comfortable. It’s pretty much impossible to find a belt that includes the magic five: simple belt buckle, a little stretch, won’t bend, fits the waistline just right (belts that are too long or too short just aren’t classy), AND looks good with jeans.

Our founder Peter Goodwin is basically the king of outdoor style. The sculpted fitness icon André Crews thinks our gear is pretty slick. And fashion trend-setter and founder of “the flop” Tony Hawk has his name all over some of our rings. When it comes to style… we’ve got this.

After years of getting sick and tired of bad belts interrupting our awesome-product-invention moods, we decided to go ahead and design a comfortable, good-lookin’ and quality belt so we can get back to business. You can check out The Groove Belt right here, or keep reading to find out what we changed to make our belt the most comfortable men’s belt for jeans in existence.

The best men's belt to wear with jeans.

The Groove Belt: The best men's belt for jeans.

What makes the Groove Belt unique? Well… everything. If you’re wondering what belt to wear with jeans, keep reading.

It’s durable and high quality.

Jeans are thick and weighty, vulnerable to the pull of gravity. The Groove Belt has all of the benefits of leather - striking good looks and high quality - with none of the cons. 

Why wear the Groove Belt with jeans?

It’s low profile.

Jeans are bulky enough. You’ll want a belt that doesn’t add a thick layer to your waist. The Groove Belt is thin and flexible, perfect to wear with your favorite pair of Levi’s.

It snaps (and unsnaps) with just one hand.

Snap. Done. It’s that simple. While most belts involve an intricate cinching process, that gets real’ old for those of us who are human and have to head to the restroom between 3 and 10 times per day (and if that isn’t you, you are seriously dehydrated).

The Groove Belt in black.

Adjustment is simple.

Unlike other belts out there, you adjust The Groove Belt right when it arrives and never again (unless you hit the gym in January and have to tighten it up a bit).

It’s comfortable.

Have you ever bent over with a leather belt and had it dig into your stomach and hips? Even sitting at a desk is uncomfy with most belts. The Groove Belt has just the right amount of stretch that it is comfortable in any position. This is the perfect belt for hunting, fishing, working... you name it. Wherever your jeans go, this belt can go, too.

Wear The Groove Belt anytime.

It doesn’t fold.

Until now, belt-wearers of all ages have had to choose between leather and wishy-washy meshy fabric. The Groove Belt holds its shape no matter what. You can do your “normal” 100 sit-ups in this belt and it will stay perfectly in place.

It comes with a warranty.

We stand behind our products at all times with our 94-Year No BS Warranty. If you’d like to read about all that includes, click here.

Buy a Groove Belt.

You want to look extra good in jeans? Grab yourself a Groove Belt. You’ll have all eyes on you no matter where you go. And hey, while you’re at it, get yourself a breathable silicone Groove Ring or Watch Band. And keep an eye on our website because we’re creating new ground-breaking products all the time.

Keep Groovin’!


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