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Are Leather Wallets RFID Protected?

Posted by Groove Life on

Are Leather Wallets RFID Protected?

Living without current technological advances is a mission impossible for many of us. Most people are so used to the comfort of cashless payments or even cardless payments that they can’t imagine carrying and dealing with cash on a daily basis again. 

If you prefer to keep credit and debit cards in your wallet, chances are you only need to tap the card reader to complete the financial transaction. These contactless cards use a technology known as RFID, an abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification. The RFID technology can transmit data at a distance of up to 400 feet, compared to NFC’s 3 feet. 

RFID-ready cards also include credit cards and other documents also have installed RFID chips, like passports, ID cards, transit cards, etc. 

Although convenient, a person standing next to you may purposely steal your personal information within seconds. Keep reading to find out how a high-quality leather wallet can protect your identity and bank details.  

Does Leather Block RFID?

RFID transmits information through radio waves, which means that anyone with a scanner can steal your highly sensitive information and use it against you. And let’s be honest, how many of you carry your wallets in your pockets or handbags? My guess is all of us. Hence, investing in a good RFID-blocking wallet is one of the best solutions to prevent data theft and secure your fund from being accessed by people with malicious intent. 

But does leather block RFID? A simple answer is not all of them. A regular leather wallet might not be protective enough if it wasn’t designed to serve this purpose. At Groove Life, our RFID-blocking wallets use premium leather materials that shield radio waves from interfering with your cards placed in the wallet. 

Our leather RFID wallet uses porous materials that absorb the signals, making it impossible to steal your personal information. In carrying a stylish leather wallet, you use a timeless holder for your cards combined with a high level of protection. 

Having a well-designed RFID-blocking leather wallet will save you a ton of money and stress when dealing with RFID skimming. Although it isn’t one of the most common crimes, it’s impossible to predict or realize when it will happen until you see funds leaked from your bank account. 

Final Word

Having RFID-ready cards in your wallet offers convenience in daily payments and eases your wallet from bulky cash. One downgrade is that electromagnetic fields can convey information from your cards to basically any card reader or scanner nearby. 

One of the preventive measures you can invest in is a quality and shielding leather wallet that can block radio waves from reaching your personal information in your pocket or bag.

A good layer of leather in a wallet or cardholder, topped with the RFID-blocking technology, will give you peace of mind, knowing that card skimming attempts will always end up unsuccessful.  

Grab the cards you carry with you daily and check for a symbol resembling a Wi-Fi signal which indicates your card has an RFID tech. If you have RFID-ready cards, we highly advise upgrading your wallet and taking preventive measures before it’s too late.

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