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Do you have a permit to carry? Well, we designed this belt with you in mind. Every gun owner needs a solid belt for their steady hand. A belt strong enough to secure your holster, yet slim enough to maintain a low profile.

Why The Groove Belt™?

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    Ultra-strong, proprietary webbing will keep your holster in place.

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    The magnetic buckle snaps into place and is as strong as hell.

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    Durability. Ultra-strong, proprietary webbing will keep your holster in place.


Comfort, functionality, and durability all make a great concealed carry belt. If it isn’t comfortable, would you wear your EDC gear? Likely not; that’s why we set out to make a supremely comfortable belt for your EDC needs. Function speaks to the months of research that was done to make sure this belt worked with the widest possible array of EDC gear. Finally, this belt had to be durable. If it won’t hold up over time, who would want to trust it to carry such important gear? With that in mind, we found extremely durable materials, and put this belt through the paces for months to ensure it would surpass all expectations.
Glock 19, Sig P365, Springfield XD, FN 509, HK VP9, or any other; they are all no problem. We had concealed carry at the forefront when we made the belt webbing. It's the best concealed belt out there because of the stretch feature, but it's stiff enough to support a holster. We tested full size 1911s to subcompact 380 autos for months, and the belt supported them all! It was designed for comfortable all-day carry!
The webbing of the Groove Belt is approximately 1.29" wide and the buckle is 1.77" wide. Most holsters work with the belt, and it was an important consideration for the team when it was created.
If it’s too tight or too loose, we’re happy to exchange your Groove Belt for a different size! We cover the product and the shipping! If it’s damaged (does not include normal wear & tear), just shoot us a photo of your damaged product and our team will get your replacement sent out to you. If you have lost your Groove Life product, we will replace it with proof of purchase. There will be an associated replacement fee. Get started on your “No BS” warranty exchange now!
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After you’re done checking the reciprocity map, grab your holster and attach it to your new Groove Belt. You’ll be amazed by the performance of this cutting-edge belt! If John Wayne were alive today, he’d be wearing a Groove Belt in every movie. Seriously.

The belt you never have to adjust.

Get your Groove Belt™ today and you’ll be wearing the toughest belt known to man.


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