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10,000+ 5 Star Reviews!

5 Reasons Why Millions of Men Are Switching To The Groove Belt

The Groove Belt®

The toughest belt known to man.

The strength and performance of the Groove Belt® can't be matched. And while there are a million reasons the Groove Belt® is our best selling product, we'll start with the top 5.

Built For Adventure

5 Reasons Why Millions Are Switching

Rough and Tough

Our super-strong proprietary webbing is engineered with the perfect amount of stretch, giving you the most comfortable tactical belt you'll ever wear.

Man with measuring tape and groove belt

Adjust Once

Thanks to our amazing magnetic buckle, adjust it once - then forget it! Your pants will be safe and secure all day long. It's the perfect belt for the man with no butt.

People playing giant Jenga wearing Groove Belts

Word on the Street

With over 10,000 5-star customer reviews (and counting), you don't have to take our word for it. You can take their word for it.

Guys playing golf wearing groove belts

Belt Reviews

Commercials don't lie! By far the easiest belt I have ever used. - Mikel S. Holy game changer batman! I am a large man of distinction who lost 130lbs. This belt not only exceeded my expectations but made me want to get everyone to buy one..." - MercMonkey My favorite belt. This is the best belt I have ever owned. - Ben R.

Concealed Carry

d When it's your duty to be prepared for anything, you need a sturdy, lightweight belt that can hold your stuff. The Groove Belt is a modern tactical belt build for the diehard EDC.

Man using his groove belt to holster his pistol

94 Year No BS Warranty

cNo one beats Groove Life's unmatched 94-Year No BS Warranty. Don't like the color? We'll send you a new one. Lose it in the woods? Text us and a new one is on the way! Listen, we're willing to bet the farm that The Groove Belt will be the best belt you've ever owned.

Man using a table saw while wearing a groove belt
Flat Earth Groove Belt